Joe’s Cay

Bahamas | Karibik

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  • Größe12,14 ha
  • Preis
    • USD 3.200.000
    • EUR 2.951.213
    • GBP 2.510.597
    • CAD 4.371.631
    • SEK 34.056.995
    • CHF 2.928.193
    • AUD 4.816.379
    • BRL 16.538.006
    • NZD 5.213.317
    • FJD 7.023.886
    • CNY 23.180.301
    • RUB 345.885.087
    • NOK 33.688.094
    • XPF 352.906.022
  • LageAbaco
  • Land/Staat Bahamas
  • Region Karibik

Secluded 30 acre private island paradise located just south of Stranger's Cay in the northern Abaco Cays. It is located 24 miles east-southeast of Walker's Cay and 34 miles west-northwest of Spanish Cay, both of which have good airstrips.

The island affords pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, lush tropical vegetation, elevations to 15 ft. above sea level, and moderate anchorage. Excellent swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and diving area. Perfect for a family retreat or private island vacation getaway. The Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas (2005) describes Joe Cay as being guarded by shallow white sand banks through and around which deep channels may be found... It has two beaches.

The cay is approx. 2,000 feet long and 1,000 feet wide and the main lee side beach on the southeastern side with a mediums size sand spit jutting out into several yards of wading depth sandy waters. The beaches strech for a total about 1,500 feet, with varying widths to a maximum at low water of 45 feet.

A small but safe marina could be built on the eastern end of the island by dredging a canal and building a breakwater.





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