San Salvador Estate

Bahamas | Karibik

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  • GrößeGrundstück: 9.290 qm; Wohnfläche: 1.393 qm
  • Preis
    • USD 3.900.000
    • EUR 3.588.847
    • GBP 3.074.206
    • CAD 5.293.190
    • SEK 41.112.036
    • CHF 3.523.889
    • AUD 5.888.221
    • BRL 19.555.268
    • NZD 6.437.674
    • FJD 8.541.456
    • CNY 28.209.414
    • RUB 420.616.453
    • NOK 41.605.503
    • XPF 429.154.320
  • LageSan Salvador
  • Land/Staat Bahamas
  • Region Karibik

Fabulous beachfront / oceanfront home with 3 pools and 2 jacuzzis and 1 rooftop hot tub for sale in the Bahamas on the Island of San Salvador. This is one of a kind real estate in the Bahamas.

It has more than 600 feet of beautiful waterfront right on the ocean. It sits high on the cliffs with untouched beaches and coves just below.

The front of the house is nicely landscaped with grass, palm trees, bougainvillea, aloe vera plans and other native shrubs and trees.

Natural light everywhere in the home. Built with lots of windows and walls of sliding doors. This home has more than 6500 air-conditioned square feet and about 15,ooo under roof.

To sum it all up, the house is amazing but more importantly, the location is out of this world beautiful. Overlooking the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Bahamas. On the west coast of the Island of San Salvador in Sandy Point a Columbus Landings 4 subdivision. It is only 20 minutes away from the international airport, restaurant, shopping and the famous Club Med “Columbus Isle” Daily fight to San Salvador from Nassau Bahamas and weekly fight from Canada, France and Florida.

The house sits on 4 lots and there is plenty of room to add a tennis court, guest suits, whatever your heart desires. The property could also be converted into a luxury hotel / resort.




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