Jwycesska Island

Bahamas | Karibik

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  • Größe142 ha
  • Preis
    • USD 14.950.000
    • EUR 13.781.342
    • GBP 11.572.193
    • CAD 20.607.241
    • SEK 161.069.437
    • CHF 13.242.492
    • AUD 22.639.989
    • BRL 83.734.057
    • NZD 25.174.378
    • FJD 32.799.594
    • CNY 108.781.646
    • RUB 1.615.187.085
    • NOK 164.576.788
    • XPF 1.647.972.898
  • LageAbaco
  • Land/Staat Bahamas
  • Region Karibik

Introducing “Jwycesska”, a stunning 351-acre freehold private island with unprecedented government approval for a 6,000 ft private airstrip, 30-acre marina and commercial use for a resort with Hotel Encouragement Act benefits.

Located in the exquisite Abaco region of The Bahamas and home to calm waters, warm breezes and panoramic beauty, this 120-mile-long chain of islands are arguably the best boating, diving, fishing and sailing paradises in the world. Jwycesska is just 122 miles from Palm Beach, 26 miles from Grand Bahama and just 20 miles from Walkers Cay, recently acquired by superyacht owner, Carl Allen.

Jwycesska has exposure to the Atlantic Ocean to the East with its cobalt blue waters, as well as the calm and shallow turquoise waters of Grand Bahama Bank to the West. With over ten pristine white sandy beaches spread over 5 miles of exquisite coastline, elevations to 50 feet, a large freshwater lake and abundant wildlife, Jwycesska is the jewel in the crown of the Abaco region.

Following the existing owner’s positive interaction with the Bahamian Government, permission has been approved for:

• a 6,000 ft private airstrip and helipad (the longest private airstrip in the Caribbean);

• a 30-acre hurricane proof and landlocked marina;

• commercial property use for a resort; and

• Hotel Encouragement Act benefits enabling duty free imports for the construction and renewal of all buildings, facilities and even furnishings, as well as zero Real Property Tax for the next ten years and with considerably reduced tax thereafter. Other benefits under the Act also include VAT deferment, work permits for key personnel and no direct taxation against the earnings of the resort for 20 years.

Jwycesska is the perfect development opportunity, enabling the buyer to add their own vision to the island, safe in the knowledge that the key approvals for the airstrip, marina and Hotel Encouragement Act are in place. The island has no old, outdated infrastructure and its natural beauty remains intact, enabling the buyer to create an easily accessible private retreat, or a paradise resort with multiple hotels, residential units, beach and yacht clubs, making it a world-renowned destination.


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