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Tranquil Private Island Oasis with Manor House

Boön is an exceptional and unique archipelago consisting of 14 hectares of several islands, offering forest and pastures, located on the eastern shore of Lake Vättern, close to Medevi Brunn – Scandinavia’s oldest spa. It is also one of Sweden’s most popular resorts to celebrate the Scandinavian summer holiday of midsummer. From this tranquil oasis, you can easily reach the mainland and its hotels, restaurants and cafés. The manor house on the main island was designed by an architect and built with great care in 2006. It maintains a consistently high standard throughout including a well-thought-out floor plan, tasteful colour scheme and high-quality material choices. On the island, there are also several boathouses, a small barn as well as a guest house with a wood-fired sauna. There are three further guest houses scattered around the island which are suitable for renting or enjoying with friends and family.

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