Breviksnäs Alskär

Schweden | Europa: Atlantik

Private island with four cabins and sauna

Just off the village of Breviksnäs approx. 160km bee-line southwest of Stockholm lies beautiful Alskär.This 8500 m² island nestled in the Gryts archipelago offers 4 cabins just perfect as a holiday summer retreat for family and friends. The cabins are well equipped with fresh water from a drilled well, electricity, sleeping rooms, kitchens and showers. A sauna located right by the water rounds up the building ensemble. Several jetties around the island invite you to take a boat ride, go for a swim or just sit down and enjoy the magnificent scenery and nature around you.

• Four residential buildings

• Outbuilding by the water with sauna and a separate room

• Tool shed with a separate rest room

• Boathouse

• Outdoor shower

• Storage room with a fish smoker


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