Danmarks Holme

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Eine außergewöhnliche Privatinsel in Stockholm 

Situated in Stockholm, between Lidingö and Nacka, this is a fabulous place with royal history, inhabited since the 1600s and enjoyed by Stockholm's high society for centuries. Your own private island in the middle of the action but protected from wind, erosion and being overlooked. The island is indescribably beautiful and exciting buildings and varied locations make a magical feeling arise, a serenity that is hard to describe. Common to all visitors is that once you step ashore, nobody is in a hurry to leave this fairytale island. This is a place where people of all ages can both relax and have fun around the clock, in both sunrise and sunset.

Danmarks Holme is not only unique in terms of location and nature but also in it's ability to accommodate large families and groups, for everyday life or special occasions. This is unusual because in Stockholm you generally are not allowed to build within 300 m of the shoreline (rule called "strandskydd"). For Danmarks Holme this is not a problem, as it has been inhabited since the 1600s, there are already many buildings around the island and it is therefore not affected by the "strandskydd". The area closest to the island on Nacka's mainland is protected by "strandskydd" and a large adjacent area is a nature reserve - no disturbing buildings can be built. The island's mooring docks are located in the calm water against the Nacka side and there are three accompanying boat and car parking spaces a stone throw away at Telegrafbergets small marina.

No one really knows how Danmarks Holme got its name, but there are many myths surrounding it. The most publicized and the most likely explanation, however, is the one of when the Danish fleet besieged the island during the Swedish Independence War between Denmark's king Christian the Tyrant and Sweden's king Gustav Vasa in the 1520s. After this the island was named "Dansken" ("The Dane") which later became Danmarks Holme (The island of Denmark). The neighbor island was named Sveriges Holme (The island of Sweden) and it was there that the peace negotiations between Denmark and Sweden were held. Through the centuries the island has housed a bakery, has been the place where the Stockholm high society went for champagne breakfasts as well as croquet tournaments and has been home to "the old lady on The island of Denmark" which is said to have been one of the oldest people in Europe at her death in 1836, 108 years old.
The tide of history is clearly noticed when wandering around on Danmarks Holme. Stone lined paths trampled by hundreds of feet and hooves winds on the island. Several hundred years ago huge stones were placed and trees planted around the shoreline to preserve the island's beautiful beaches and to prevent erosion. The island's own cape, Kärleksudden (The cape of love), offers amazing sunsets and along the southwestern shore there are large open grassy areas for games and play. The whole island is like a large park and to the help during the summer, the current owners has kept sheep on the island, to keep grass and vegetation in good shape.

If you are in the mood for an excursion, there are plenty of options where one of the closest is to take a boat trip to the neighbor Fjäderholmarna (The Feather Islands) which is just a few minutes away. Here you can visit "Stockholm's nearest archipelago restaurant" - Fjaderholmarnas restaurant - which is included in the Michelin Guide. Moreover, one can dive among shipwrecks directly from Danmarks Holme.

Commercial value:
Thanks to the proximity to Stockholm city and its strategic location in the large fairway, in the middle of the intersection Skurusundet/Stockholm inlet, this property has unique opportunities. The proximity to Stockholm and Nybrokajen is striking and a large commercial development potential is present. SPA, yacht club or maybe a conference center - there are many possibilities.

The island has three houses and three cottages with a total area of approximately 350 m2 and in addition there are a number of small storage sheds. All buildings have ocean views or direct water contact. The buildings have a simple standard and are in varying needs of renovation. The great value, however, is that there are already so many buildings on the island which means that you are not hindered by shore protection rules.

The yellow house is one of the oldest buildings and origins from several hundred years ago. 1 1/2 floors with an estimated total area of about 155 m2. The building houses a kitchen with a wood stove and two large rooms in a row, each with a tiled stove. Throughout there is an untreated wooden floor and there are four bedrooms.

The green house is also one of the oldest buildings consisting of 1 1/2 floors with an estimated total area of approximately 86 m2. The building houses a simple kitchen, living room and some bedrooms.

The red house stands like a fairytale house just on the water's edge. This is also a very old building with an estimated total area of approximately 58 m2. The building needs total renovation.

The red cottage has one floor with an estimated total area of approximately 24 m2. The yellow cottage has one floor with an estimated total area of approximately 19 m2.

The green cottage is located at the small sandy beach towards the inside of the island and has an estimated total area of approximately 8 m2.

Two large wooden docks with sail boat water depth in calm waters.

For those who want to develop the island you can get electricity and municipal water and sewage from Lidingö.

Stockholm County Museum photographs of Danmarks Holme testify that two large houses and other buildings were present at earlier times. This helps a lot if rebuilding these is of interest.

Danmarks Holme has a land area of about 1 hectare and a water area of about 17 hectares. There is a drilled well on the island.

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