Colorado Farms

Colorado | USA

  • GrößeFarm nahe Alamosa: 16 ha
    Farm 1 nahe Trinidad: 14,3 ha
    Farm 2 nahe Trinidad: 14,3 ha
  • LageAlamosa (Alamosa County) & Trinidad (Las Animas County)
  • Land/Staat Colorado
  • Region USA

Colorado Farm near Alamosa
(39.6 acres)

The property is located in the scenic southern area of Colorado, East of Alamosa, in the central part of the San Luis Valley. To the West are the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge and the Rio Grande; to the North is the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve that contains the tallest sand dunes in North America.

The area is mainly ranches and, to a lesser degree, farms. Cattle and sheep are bred and forage crops are grown. South of the property, the main crops on farms include potatoes, barley, wheat, lettuce and alfalfa. The area has a high water table and many artesian wells. The snow and spring fed Rio Grande provides abundant irrigation water.

Timber is provided by the Rio Grande National Forest. So are pastures for cattle and sheep. And it is a recreational area as well: you can go boating, fishing, and hunting for deer, elk, antelope, bear and big horn sheep. There is small game in abundance, and you can go hunting birds in the upland or water fowl in the valley. The sun shines 360 days a year with blue skies above. Evenings are cool and temperatures rarely reach 90° F during the day.

Colorado Farms 1 & 2 near Trinidad (35.4 acres & 35.2 acres)

- Electricity is available on both farms
- At least one drilled well per lot is possible
- No use restrictions
- Quiet and remote location
- Hunting rights available for the land
- Wonderful mountain views
- Water sports possible on Trinidad Lake
- Animal husbandry, e.g. horses, possible

Distances to:
- Cuchara Valley Resort (fantastic ski resort) - approx. 70 km
- National Park „Comanche National Grasslands“ - approx. 10 km
- Nature Reserve „Apishapa Wildlife Resort“ - approx. 5 km
- Canyon of the Purgatory River - approx. 10 km

Little rain, hot summers, much sunshine, mild winters. Irrigation possible.

Possible uses:
Investment, holiday location, retirement property, guestranch for tourists with horseriding tours through the canyons, prairies and nature reserves!

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