Islands for Sale in the Caribbean


How to secure islands for sale in the Bahamas and other top Caribbean destinations

First-time purchasers usually assume that their dream island will be in the Caribbean. The landscapes are magical. Most of the islands are of volcanic origin, giving a fertile soil and lush vegetation. The climate is warm in the winter months, remaining very pleasant from September to April. Accessibility by air is good, both from North America and Europe. The Caribbean, with its long arc of islands, is a paradise for sailing.

But although the Caribbean is one of the world's most attractive areas for holiday makers, there are difficulties for the island-buyer. The number of private islands is very limited (except in the Bahamas). Even more of a problem is that in most countries the purchase of freehold title by foreigners is restricted and needs government approval, a time-consuming procedure. These restrictions apply in Grenada, the British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent and the French territories of Martinique, Guadeloupe and St Bartholomy.

When islands can be acquired, prices are normally over $1 million.

Why invest in the Bahamas? Top 12 reasons to invest in the Bahamas!
(The Bahamas Investor, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Jan-June 2007)

1. Close proximity to major North American and Latin American financial centres
2. Within 50 miles of the world's largest economy
3. Same time zone as New York and Toronto (EST)
4. Peaceful and stable democracy since 1729
5. Independent nation with compliant legislation and consultative legislative approach
6. No local taxes on capital gains, inheritance, corporate and personal income, dividends and interest
7. Proactive incentives for investment
8. Highly-trained industry professionals
9. Essential public services and modern infrastructure
10. English-speaking workforce
11. Ideal climate and lifestyle with many islands and cays to explore
12. Established Ministry of Financial Services & Investments




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