Island Conservation

Responsible island stewardship is our duty - both to the environment and to future generations. That’s why we’re championing good practice in private island ownership.

Oceans cover 72% of the earth’s surface and support life in all its forms. Yet despite their obvious importance 90% of our oceans are suffering. 

This suffering has an inevitable knock-on effect on our island habitats. Species extinctions and global warming threats are disproportionately greater on islands than anywhere else in the world.

Yet just as the threats to biodiversity is at its highest in our oceans and on our islands, so too are our opportunities to make a difference.

In our 50 year history, Vladi Private Islands has witnessed first-hand what kind of positive difference an environmentally responsible island stewardship policy can make – not just to private islands, but to our most precious asset of all: Planet Ocean

Believing the promotion of responsible island stewardship to be nothing less than our duty Vladi Private Islands has therefore decided to champion good practice amongst private island ownership, celebrating all those island owners in working together to create healthy islands, we can succeed in creating a healthier ocean. 

Lizard Island, Australia

Research into Coral Reef Conservation

Lizard Island, Australia

- Lizard Island’s Research Station is dedicated to supporting the advancement of knowledge and understanding of the Great Barrier Reef 

- The research work conducted at Lizard Island has resulted in over 1,200 scientific publications. These have been used by reef managers to conserve coral reefs

Further information on Lizard Island

Song Saa, Cambodia

Developed with the Environment in Mind

- As well as creating the first marine reserve in Cambodia, Song Saa coordinated the largest health and education program in the country’s islands

- It also supports local livelihoods through the promotion of an organic agriculture scheme and has initiated projects addressing the local impacts of climate change

Further information on Song Saa

The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

Inspiring Sustainable Interdependence around the World

- The Brando is the first carbon-neutral resort and close to self-sustainable. Almost the entire atoll it sits is protected and preserved in perpetuity

- It is home to an Ecostation aimed at leading the scientific and cultural mission to protect the atoll and to inspire sustainable interdependence on Tetiaroa and beyond

Further information on The Brando

Eustatia, British Virgin Islands

Organic Agriculture and Self-Sustainability

Eustatia, British Virgin Islands

-Eustatia is an off-grid island, relying 100% on renewable energy sources to deliver reliable power, water and communications

- Beyond its utility systems, Eustatia extends its sustainability practices into organic agriculture with a long-term effort to restore the native landscape of the island

Further information on Eustatia Island

Turtle Island, Fiji

Commitment to Environmental and Cultural Protection

-The Island’s reforestation program has seen half a million trees planted, encouraging ecological diversity and allowing the island to be truly self-sufficient

- The International Hotels and Restaurants Association awarded the island as Green Hotelier of the Year, recognizing both its environmental and cultural achievements

Further information on Turtle Island

Fregate Island, Seychelles

Ambitious Marine Life Conservation Programs

- Ambitious conservation programs have several endemic avian species (such as the Seychelles Magpie Robin) all brought back from the brink of extinction

- The islands expert biologists help monitor of Giant Aldabra Tortoises and provide a vital nesting habitat for the endangered hawksbills and green turtles

Further information on Fregate Island




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