Film Locations & Photo Shoots

Find the perfect backdrop for your film or photo shoot with our exclusive private island charters.

Islands are a place of privacy, making them the perfect place for a photo shoot or a film location. Whether for a fashion shoot, a commercial campaign or good, old-fashioned family photo session, our private islands guarantee a picture-perfect backdrop for your creative vision. The likes of Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar are just some of the big names who have already recognized the creative pulling power of the private island. Will you be the next one to join them?

Private islands can also act as the show-stealing scenery for your movie location. Whether you’re looking to imitate the exotic South Sea flair of Mutiny on the Bounty or the high-seas action of Pirates of the Caribbean, our islands are the perfect stage for a film shoot. Tucked way out of the way of prying eyes, their remote location means your film shoot will remain spoiler-free.

Vladi Private Islands’ broad selection of island locations comprises much more than powder-white beaches, sparkling seas and swaying palms. Our Scandinavian, Scottish and Canadian private islands are about as far-removed from the traditional desert island dream as is possible, offering rugged, other-worldly landscapes as seen in the likes of Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

Contact us for details about chartering a private island for a photo shoot or film location.




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