Islands for sale in the Indian Ocean & Africa

Your guide to islands for sale in the Philippines, the Seychelles and the Maldives

The Indian Ocean rim offers one of the most beautiful island areas on this planet. Unfortunately islands in the majority of countries surrounding or within the Indian Ocean are not freely available for sale. Countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia (perhaps with a few exceptions) or Thailand prohibit the purchase of freehold real estate by foreigners.

Therefore, the offering is restricted to areas such as The Republic of Seychelles, Kenya (with a few exceptions), India and Malaysia. Mauritius, Comoro Islands and Madagascar are countries hosting very attractive islands. However, in these countries foreign ownership is forbidden.

The Seychelles, consists of 86 islands of which 17 are privately owned and from time to time these "paradise islands" come onto the market. Each purchase has to be sanctioned by the Government. Once such a permit has been granted, the purchaser of an island in the Seychelles can be proud to own one of the most beautiful islands in the world, either coral or granitic islands.




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