Vladi Private Islands: The world record holders in selling private islands worldwide: 2,650+ certified island sales since 1971

The following slide show presents an overview of the most remarkable islands sold in this time period of almost 50 years. The islands, which were sold as a joint venture with René Boehm, have been marked (1971 - 1985). These very special private islands conjure up good memories of their vendors, buyers and of the islands themselves. Vladi Private Islands has team of almost 50 colleagues from all age groups. Each team member has a very different and specific expertise, which adds to the efficiency and competence of our company.

Thanks to Farhad Vladi's passion for private islands, the story of VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS is ready to be told - a story that spans more than four decades of experience on the island market. Since setting out in the private island business back in 1971, the company has evolved to encompass a broad spectrum of island-related activities. As well as selling islands, the day-to-to business of Vladi Private Islands includes brokerage, property management, market evaluations, island tourism and everything in between. No-one knows islands quite like we do!

Our range of activities is not the only thing to evolve over the years - indeed, the Vladi Private Islands team, too, has seen a fair few changes! Initially accompanied by only his good friend René Bohm, Farhad Vladi now works alongside more than 50 committed staff members spread out across international offices in Hamburg (Germany), Nova Scotia (Canada) and Wellington (New Zealand). 

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Canada confirms: over 2,650 islands sold and still going strong…

Through good times and bad times, recessions and booms, the island market has always remained stable – no doubt in part due to the long-term nature of island ownership. Like a rock in a storm, the private island market is always a safe yet glamorous haven for those wishing to invest their money. It is perhaps due to this heady combination of stability and exoticism that has attributed to our success over the years. 

In order to measure the level of our achievements, we decided to mark the grand occasion of our 40th anniversary by enlisting the kind assistance of one of the world’s largest accountancy firms, PriceWaterhouseCoopers to officially certify the number of transactions completed during Mr. Vladi’s tenure at the helm of the company. After examining our accounts and records, PriceWaterhouseCoopers was able to confirm that between 1971 and 2013, Vladi Private Islands successfully consummated some 1,500 island transactions. Furthermore, our tax accountant, Ulf C. Hermanns from Hermanns von der Heide & Partner went on to corroborate the records of Vladi Private Islands' predecessor - Boehm & Vladi GmbH - adding a further 954 transactions to the already impressive list and ultimately amounting to a grand total of over 2,400 islands - all sold with the help Farhad Vladi.

The confirmation of 2,400 successful transactions places us well ahead of our competitors. And it gets better – this figure merely represents the number of transactions. Some islands are, of course, sold as groups - D’Arros Island in the Seychelles consists of 16 islets, for example. If we were to count each island individually, we estimate that we would be well beyond 3,000 islands. No other company on Earth can come close to these figures.

Yet still we strive for further success - PriceWaterhouseCooper carried out a further examination of our records in 2014, revealing that the number of successful transactions has since climbed to a phenonmenal 2,650 - making Vladi Private Islands the world record holders for most islands sold.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Summit Place, 1601 Lower Water Street, Suite 400, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 3P6

The secret to success…

So what’s the secret to our success? A firm foundation has been laid through our status as a licensed broker and our FIABCI membership. Combine this with a commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the island market and close contact to our clients and you’re on to a winner. In over 40 years of trading, we have built up a client network which stretches from Canada to Australia, calling in at Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, the US and everything in between. Many of these clients have gone on to become repeat customers or even friends, and it is with good memories and great happiness that we look back on transactions involving these particularly prominent islands.

Another reason for our enduring success is our unparalleled experience. During more than forty years of trading, you’re bound to learn a thing or two, yet even compared to our more experienced competitors, Vladi Private Islands still manages to keep head and shoulders above the rest. To broker an island is one thing, but to manage and consult it is a different matter altogether. Whether you’re planning a private island paradise or an island hideaway, you need a reliable partner who can assist both with the brokerage and the practical problems which come hand in hand with island living. Farhad Vladi owns his own private island in New Zealand, and having learned first-hand exactly what is involved in developing an island, is in the best possible position to advise you every step of the way.

Vladi Private Islands - Always on Trend

The business of buying and selling islands is certainly not without its glamour. Indeed, as the slideshow below highlights, Mr. Vladi has been privileged enough to meet up with several famous faces to share his knowledge of the island industry - many of whom went on to invest in their own private island paradise. It may come as a surprise that our internet presence and our advertising campaigns are responsible for only 10 – 20% of our transactions. The biggest tool for our turnovers was in fact word-of-mouth recommendations. It is for this simple reason that we place an accent on maintaining those all-important connections.

From islands for sale to island holidays - where will the next journey take us?

Another trend to emerge in the last decade is the increase in the popularity of private island holidays. The rental side of our business has gathered a considerable amount of steam in recent times, and we now have six members of staff dedicated solely to VLADI ISLAND TRAVEL - a core group of travel experts have overseen the booking of over 38,400 island vacations.

We think you’ll agree, breaking the record for most successful island sales is a considerable achievement indeed! As we look back over the previous decades, we would like to extend our gratitude for those who have supported us and those who continue to support us to the present day. With the island market looking just as strong as it did back in 1971, we are confident that the Vladi Private Islands success story will continue in time for another chapter ten years from now. With Mr. Vladi promising to see in at least 50 years in the business in style, we’re already looking forward to see what the next years will bring.




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