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New Island Calendar 2024: Antique Maps Featuring Private Islands

December 2023

Anyone looking at antique maps may wonder how these artworks were created around five hundred years ago without the use of satellites, airplanes or balloons. How accurate are these ancient maps?

In this calendar, we proudly present a selection of twelve stunning antique maps, on which even the smallest privately-owned islands were recorded. It is incredible what these gifted cartographers have accomplished.

These beautiful antique maps are truly unique and are not available in large quantities. For this reason, antique maps are a great combination of decorative art and investment. Similar to antique maps, privately-owned islands are rare, offer a unique lifestyle and are a great investment.

Visit our and embark on your own journey of discovery in the world of antique maps!

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MEYER and VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS collaborate in the US

•  Showroom opening of the German family businesses in Palo Alto, California, USA in winter 2023

•  Presentation of private islands (rental and purchase islands) around the globe in combination with exclusive floating villas and yachts that can be docked to the private islands and thus protect nature

Papenburg/Hamburg/Palo Alto, November 2023 – The MEYER Group and VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS are cooperating in the important US market, where they will jointly present private islands in prime locations around the globe as well as floating villas from MEYER Floating Solutions and superyachts from MEYER YACHTS. The two German family-owned companies are also opening a showroom in Palo Alto, California.

Floating villas offer the unique opportunity to live on the water and feel at home on a private island without disturbing the tranquillity of nature. The floating buildings are used in an environmentally friendly way without interfering with nature and are self-sufficient with renewable energy sources. This ideal combination promises unlimited opportunities to explore the impressive beauty of the sea and the lush vegetation of a private island. In this unique combination, private islands and floating villas offer the opportunity to create your own idyllic and climate-friendly living space.

"Floating solutions are manufactured in a protected environment under industrial conditions, minimising the impact on nature during construction and throughout their entire service life. This makes them the perfect and, above all, environmentally friendly addition to a private island, which is often located in pure nature, describes Thomas Weigend, Chief Sales Officer of the MEYER Group.

Vladi Private Islands and the MEYER Group are now teaming up to bring this new and previously unavailable concept to the US, opening a brand new showroom on University Avenue in Palo Alto, California, featuring a wide selection of private islands for rent and purchase, as well as customised floating homes and superyachts. "Through our rental property, Singer Castle in the 1000 Islands River, New York, which receives over 25,000 visitors a year, we are receiving more and more enquiries from island seekers from the USA. That's why we chose this location on the West Coast as our base and point of contact for our US customers," explains international island broker Farhad Vladi.

"Private islands offer absolute peace, privacy and a perfect contrast to city life. Having your own private paradise surrounded by sparkling waters is the ultimate island dream for many. It is an island buyer's wish to leave the island untouched - as much as possible. That's why the concept of combining private islands and floating homes was born," says Farhad Vladi.

In addition to the private island portfolio of Vladi Private Islands, the superyacht concepts ONE50 and TWO10 from MEYER YACHTS, both of which have a clean drive system with fuel cells and batteries, will be presented in the showroom. This means that these yachts are also paving the way for these technologies to be used in other types of vessel in the future. The THREE05 concept, a combination of superyacht and floating home, which was recently unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, will also be on permanent display in Palo Alto. There will also be two more spacious floating villas from MEYER Floating Solutions.


New Island Calendar 2023: Private Islands – What Money Can Buy

December 2022

In 2022, we followed a wide variety of auction results around the world and found that record prices were achieved for many items of art, jewellery and other collectibles. 

We then took twelve of these record prices and put together a selection of private islands, which could be bought for a similar amount. 

The comparisons are sensational, so we decided to make them the main theme of this year's edition of our traditional island calendar, Private Islands - What Money Can Buy. 

Whether it's a palm tree, forest or rocky landscape, a lighthouse, farm or luxury resort – over the 12 months ahead, let yourself be enchanted by a variety of picturesque private islands from Finland to Fiji.

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Protecting Island Life Demands New Sustainability From Owners

June 2022

Climate change is affecting billions of people around the world already through extreme weather events and changing living conditions. However, it’s island dwellers who are bearing the brunt of the threat. The World Bank highlights how island nations from the South Pacific to the Caribbean are experiencing severe storms, economic fallout and, ultimately, sea level rise that will swallow the islands up within decades. While some seas and oceans are more protected than others, the risk of vanishing under the sea is an ever present risk until global warming is brought down. The owners and residents of islands can have a positive impact in this regard, but thinking outside of the box is necessary.

Embracing communal living - energy

Communal living is an essential part of a sustainable future. The modern advent of housing communities, which group property owners into small blocks, already fosters a sense of community and cooperation that takes families one step towards communal living - but more action is needed to take the final step. One of the most crucial steps is embracing district heating. Communal and district heating are already widely available, but not enough has been done to take prototyping into the mainstream. One study, published by the Journal of Energy Conversion and Management, highlights just how powerful district heating can be - bringing emissions to near-zero, and providing clean climate control. This is a great idea for an island community, too, bringing homes together.

Tackling food waste

The wasting of food has become a global issue. Up to a third of all food produced globally isn’t consumed and is instead sent to landfill. Not only is this a complete waste of time and valuable nutrition when many people go hungry, it’s making climate change worse. According to the WWF, up to 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions could be stopped if food waste was reduced. Island families will be all too aware of how important food conservation is - bad weather or local supply shortages can mean going hungry. Taking it to the next level would involve growing your own food - whether plants or livestock - and isn’t a bad idea. Why not build a sustainable island?

Making small adjustments

Behind the wide-ranging changes, like using district heating and growing your own food, come small incremental changes that are greater than the sum of their parts. Reducing single-use plastics, recycling everything you can, minimizing water use when showering or washing dishes, and using gas-powered vehicles as little as possible will all help to combat climate change. What’s more, these changes often make your local area more pleasant to live in - fewer emissions means cleaner air, and less trash means a cleaner surrounding area.


Spectacular private island with own airstrip in the Bahamas for sale

May 2022

The Hamburg-based island broker Vladi Private Islands offers a true jewel for sale in the Bahamas: the centrally located private island Little Whale Cay in the Berry Islands.

This self-sufficient island, surrounded by crystal clear waters, covers 16 hectares and is one of the few islands in the Bahamas with a private airstrip. In addition, Little Whale Cay features a harbor, white sand beaches, three luxury villas, a chapel, an infinity pool with stunning ocean views, a tennis court, and a fitness center, among other amenities. Nature lovers delight in 34 different species of birds in the subtropical gardens, including flamingos and peacocks.

Little Whale Cay is an El Dorado for water sports enthusiasts and offers ideal conditions for kite surfers, for example. Among sailors, the area is considered a dream spot.

The island is easy to reach by plane from Florida or the capital Nassau, and the island of Chub Cay (customs clearance) is only a five-minute flight away.

The asking price for the island, which is being offered for sale after 40 years of family ownership, is USD 35 million.


Vladi Private Islands sells the largest private island in the continental USA

January 2022

Vladi Private Islands is pleased to announce the sale of a very special property at the beginning of the year: Galloo Island – the largest private island in the continental United States and one of the most beautiful islands in North America – was sold in December 2021 through Vladi Private Islands, Hamburg.

Located in Lake Ontario in the state of New York, the island has an area of 8 km², the same size as the island of Venice. It features a private airstrip, two beaches, spacious houses, its own harbour with farmland and a forest area with wonderful wildlife.

Galloo Island is very sheltered and resembles a small kingdom of its own, which is also ideal for a self-sufficient lifestyle. Boat trips are possible to Niagara Falls on one side or through the 1000 Islands River via Singer Castle Island to the ocean on the other. The mainland and the town of Watertown with its various amenities are only a few minutes away by boat.

As island brokers in Hamburg, we have been active in this field for 50 years and are proud to have sold this unique property in cooperation with our local colleague Cathy Garlock to an American private individual.


New Island Calendar 2022: Private Islands for Sale and for Rent – Featuring Awesome Islands & Island We Have Never Dared to Offer

December 2021

A mangrove-covered shipwreck in Australia, a lonely river house in Serbia or a rock formation with a Virgin Mary statue in the middle of the Philippines – with this year's edition of VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS’ traditional calendar, Private Islands for Sale and for Rent, we would like to present you with some of the most extraordinary islands around the globe in addition to idyllic private islands, which are available to buy or to rent.

From January to December 2022, why not try island hopping of a different kind and discover a selection of bizarre – and mostly real – isles near and far, in addition to a selection of exclusive rental and sale private islands.

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New Island Calendar 2021: The 1000 Islands – Exploring the Islands of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Canada & USA

November 2020

Idyllic holiday cottages, picturesque lighthouses and fairy-tale castles with an impressive history – the multi-faceted Thousand Islands are a true El Dorado for island lovers.

The latest edition of VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS’ traditional calendar is dedicated to this picture book region of North America:

The 1000 Islands - Exploring the Islands of the St. Lawrence Seaway

From the 1st of January, let yourself be carried away to a selection of private islands – including current islands for rent and for sale – and be enchanted by the majestic beauty of the archipelago, which comprises more than 1,860 islands.

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Vladi Private Islands Reports Increased Demand for Self-Sufficient Islands

July 2020

As fresh food shortages and long queues outside supermarkets become the new normal, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of self-sufficiency.

The trend for self-sufficiency has even reached the private island market, with international island brokerage company Vladi Private Islands witnessing a significant shift in demand from luxury lifestyle properties to islands with the potential to grow home-grown produce.

“Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the desire to live sustainably and self-sufficiently has emerged as one of the key motivations for our private island buyers,” explains company founder Farhad Vladi.

Yet whilst demand for off-grid islands has never been higher, Vladi warns that truly self-sufficient islands are in short supply. “Independent island living means more than just a garden to grow your own vegetables: depending on your demands, you also need space, infrastructure, farming facilities and the right climatic conditions to thrive all year round.”

The Hamburg-based brokerage has modelled a concept for three different climate zones and put together a list of 20 private islands which are perfectly suited to self-isolation and self-sufficiency. Whilst some are still for sale, others have already been snapped up, so our advice is to contact Vladi Private Islands before it’s too late.

Self-Sufficiency Farming on a Private Island in Different Climate Zones

Temperate Zone

Extreme temperatures and precipitation are rare in these regions and the average temperature ranges from 30 to 70 °F.

Subtropical Zone

Long, warm summers and mild, moist winters are predominant in the subtropical zone.


More information

Tropical Zone

The temperature differences between night and day are bigger than the differences between the monthly averages.

Selection of Self-Sufficient Islands Worldwide

Île Biniguet, France

There is pretty much everything one needs on this picturesque island near Brehat to live a self-sufficient life.

Länggrien, Switzerland

Länggrien is inhabited by a family earning their income as organic farmers and caterers for private festivities.

D’Arros Island, Seychelles

This protected private island nature reserve is a testament to environmentally-friendly living.

Liebitz Island, Germany

The private owner has created a farm with extensive gardens and numerous hedges, which provide shelter to large colonies of birds.

Motu Toahotu, French Polynesia

The owner has built himself a tropical garden in which he grows various vegetables. Also coconut palm trees grow on the fertile ground.


More Self-Sufficient Islands

Île Saint-Riom, France

Home to monks centuries before, a small farm was built on the old foundation walls of the monastery in 1900 and now primarily grows potatoes.

Self-Sufficient Islands for Sale

In addition to the examples mentioned above, there are various self-sufficient islands that are currently on the market:


Self-Sufficient Islands for Sale

Private Islands: Currently the Safest Places on Earth

April 2020

With the current world situation as it is, it’s only natural to want to scoop up your loved ones and escape to as secluded and safe a place as possible. Private islands are the perfect protected haven, offering security, space and stability.

The following private islands, currently listed by VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS, are the stuff daydreams are made of and offer you the opportunity to self-isolate in style:

Reids Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

This sprawling 203-acre-island is located off the coast of Canada’s wild Atlantic Coast. Currently completely undeveloped, this densely wooded island hideaway is the ideal blank canvas to build your own bunker. The island also offers stunning beaches and coves, two natural lakes and a mainland lot just 400 meters away, offering the best of both worlds.


Isla Porcada, Panama

Isla Porcada is an absolute safe haven – completely self-sufficient, free of dangerous animals and diseases, and located in one of Latin America’s most stable countries. The 1,000-acre island is located just off the Pacific coast of Panama and boasts a fantastic infrastructure, a freshwater spring, renewable energy and even its own cattle farm.


Galloo Island, New York, USA

With a surface area of 2,000 acres, Galloo is the largest private island on the US-Mainland and offers everything you need and more, including an airstrip, private harbour, beautiful homes, dense vegetation and a forest filled with wildlife and wonder. The location is secluded but not remote, with the mainland and medical care a safe, short distance away.


Motu Teta, French Polynesia

As well as swaying palm trees and dream-like powder white beaches, this 9.5-acre private island also offers outstanding accommodation for up to 10 guests, a number of boats, a reliable freshwater source and its own electricity supply. Located many miles from civilisation, this picture-perfect Pacific island is a self-isolator’s dream come true.


Not quite ready to commit to your own island hideaway?
Many of our private islands are also available for rent on an exclusive island-buyout basis.

New Island Calendar 2020: The Seychelles – 250th Anniversary. Barefoot Luxury: Best Beach Retreats & Private Islands

November 2019

Let a little sunshine into your life and plan your dream vacation to the spectacular Seychelles with the help of VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS’ 2020 calendar:

The Seychelles - 250th Anniversary
Barefoot Luxury: Best Beach Retreats & Private Islands

Picture the scene: you’re lying on a seemingly endless stretch of white sandy beach beneath swaying palm trees, just meters away from the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean. A free-roaming giant tortoise plods by; a 500-pound embodiment of the slow pace of island life. This is the Seychelles.

Produced in honour of the 250th anniversary of the country’s first settlement, the calendar is a celebration of Seychelles island life and includes a sojourn through the Indian Ocean idyll’s most exclusive private islands and beach resorts. Wanderlust is guaranteed!

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New Island Calendar 2019: Private Island Hotspots

November 2018

From coral-fringed pieces of paradise in the Pacific to rugged retreats in Scandinavia and the wild wooded landscapes of Eastern Canada – private islands can be found in all shapes and sizes, across all of the seven seas.

In the 2019 edition of the Vladi Private Islands calendar, Private Island Hotspots – The World’s Most Popular Private Island Regions, we invite you on a 365-day tour of the world’s most-loved island locations.

Feed your wanderlust and find out on which island idyll the Vladi Private Islands story started fifty years ago.

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New Island Calendar 2018: Island Living – Cooking With Only Island-Sourced Ingredients

November 2017

Sun, sea, sand – and good food!

As well as stunning imagery of some of the world’s most beautiful islands, the 2018 edition of VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS’ annual calendar, ISLAND LIVING - COOKING WITH ONLY ISLAND-SOURCED INGREDIENTS, also includes a series of delicious recipes – all of which make use of healthy ingredients sourced exclusively from the islands themselves.

Featuring freshly-foraged fruit and veg, exotic home-grown herbs and spices, the local catch of the day, our sensational, self-sufficient recipes are ideal for (would-be) island dwellers worldwide.

Taking in islands in Europe, French Polynesia, the Caribbean, and beyond, this year’s calendar promises to be the tastiest round-the-world trip you’ve ever taken – bon appétit!

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Five Romantic Private Islands for Valentine’s Day

February 2017

Roses are red, violets are blue, Vladi Private Islands has the perfect private island for you

Attention, Romantics! Whilst Valentine’s Day may well be just around the corner, it`s not too late to surprise the one you love with an unforgettable private island vacation. From indulgent Indian Ocean escapes to cosy, all-American hideaways, VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS proudly presents the most romantic island love nests available to rent in 2017:


What could be more romantic than a private island located in the city of love? Situated in the heart of the Venetian Lagoon, just minutes away from Venice, Isola Santa Cristina is available on a strictly exclusive basis, meaning you won’t have to share your intimate island escape with another soul. Prices start from EUR 25,000/week.


New for 2017, this Caribbean private island escape is sure to get your heart racing. Offering world-class kite-surfing, wild wakeboarding adventures and much, much more, Eustatia is the perfect island hideaway for loved-up adrenalin junkies. Prices available on request.

BELLE ISLAND, Upstate New York, USA

Boasting a decadent king-sized bed with built-in massage unit, a romantic hot tub and unbeatable views of Boldt Castle, a spectacular heart-shaped castle island, there’s more than a fair share of love in the air at this cosy, all-American private island retreat. Prices start from USD 1,400/night.

SONG SAA, Cambodia

Known locally as Song Saa – Khmer for The Sweethearts, Cambodia’s first and only luxury island resort is as romantic as the name implies. Perfectly positioned far beyond the tourist trail, this isolated paradise is ideal for intimate island escapes and spectacular wedding ceremonies. Prices start from USD 1,590/night.


If you really want to impress your Valentine this year, look no further than this exquisite escape. With sensual spa treatments, romantic stargazing tours, and indulgent tree-top gourmet experiences, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this six star Seychelles getaway. Prices start from USD 3,700 per villa/night.

The Ultimate Christmas Present - A Private Island

December 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and the race to buy the perfect present is well and truly on. If you're still desperately searching for that special something to put under the tree, don't worry - help is at hand.

Just in time for Christmas, international island broker VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS has produced a list of three pristine private islands that prove once and for all that you don't have to be a millionaire to own a private island. Read on to find out how you could make your private island dream a reality this Christmas - for just EUR 30,000-!

Covered by dense woodland and surrounded by crystal clear waters, the Sheep Lake Islands are the epitome of Canadian charm. Located in Nova Scotia, just 40km from the coastal town of Lunenburg and 120km from Halifax International Airport, an island here could be all yours for just over EUR 30,000- with the added option of officially rechristening the island with a name of your choice.

Naomi Island is located in a river, some 145km to the north of New York City. Situated in the Hudson River region, the wooded island is just 45 km from the mainland and can be easily accessed via boat. The island is listed with VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS for USD 99,000-.

Located in West Cork, Ireland, Mannion Island is one of the rough diamonds of the northern European island world. The island can be found in the picturesque Dunmanus Bay, just 200 m from the coast. Undeveloped, but with a natural fresh water source and fertile land to the south of the island, Mannion Island could be all yours for EUR 150,000-.


Want to make your island dream come true without purchasing a private island of your own? How about an unforgettable private island vacation? VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS has a wide selection of private rental islands spread right across the world. For a comprehensive overview, click here.


The Most Popular Private Islands of the Stars - Vladi Private Islands’ New Calendar for 2017

November 2016

Ever wondered where your favourite celebrities are headed off to on their holidays? Vladi Private Islands’ fabulous new calendar is certain to sate your curiosity.

Entitled The Private Islands Most Visited by Celebrities, this must-have calendar affords island aficionados an exclusive glance behind the scenes of the exclusive island hideaways most loved by entrepreneurs, royalty and the stars of stage and screen. From cool Caribbean retreats to sensational South Pacific hideaways and onto intimate Indian Ocean escapes – if a member of the glitterati has visited a private island, you can be sure that it’ll be contained within our calendar.

As well as being an essential guide for celeb-spotters, the calendar also serves as all the travel inspiration you’ll need for the coming year. Who knows, with the help of Vladi Private Islands, you could be topping up your tan alongside supermodel Giselle Bündchen, dining with music legend Sir Paul McCartney or sipping cocktails with Cristiano Ronaldo...

To find out more information about the individual islands, we’ve included a QR code on each page of the calendar. A simple scan of the code will send you directly to our website. From there, you’re only a few clicks away from following in the footsteps of the stars and booking your dream holiday on a private island – whatever your budget may be.

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Private Islands for the Price of a One-Bed Apartment

September 2016

If owning an exotic private island in the sun-soaked waters of the South Pacific is at the top of your bucket list – look no further. International island brokers Vladi Private Islands can turn your dream of owning an island in French Polynesia into reality – even on a tight budget. With unspoiled island gems available from just US$ 265,000-, you could become a private island owner for the price of a one-bed apartment!

Ensconced within the luminous waters of the Rangiroa Atoll (an hour’s flight from Tahiti), Motu Matatahi is every inch the traditional palm-fringed private island paradise. Framed by pristine, sandy beaches and just ten minutes away from the pure perfection of The Blue Lagoon, this dreamy island idyll could be all yours for approx. US$ 265,000.


Comprising just 3.6 acres, Motu Pakirikiri is a pint-sized private island gem tucked away in Manihi – a breath-taking coral atoll within the Tuamotu Archipelago. For approx. US$ 375,000 you could be the proud owner of front row tickets to a wonderful underwater spectacle: as well as countless ray and marlins, you can while away the hours watching dolphins and whales here.


Whether you prefer to stroll barefoot along its powder-white beaches or take a nap in the shade of its towering coconut trees, Motu Tohepuku offers the perfect conditions for relaxation. Situated within the Tuamotu Archipelago and just an hour away from the next closest airport, the island is available with Vladi Private Islands for just under US$ 450,000-.


Bordered by a luminous lagoon to the north and a thriving coral reef to the south, Motu Karatae is an extra special private island prospect. Comprising almost 25 acres, this exotic island escape could be your future holiday home for just over US$ 470,000-.


Or perhaps you’d prefer to get a feel for the fantasy island lifestyle of French Polynesia before going whole hog and buying an island. Vladi Private Islands has got just the ticket, boasting a series of intimate island travel destinations throughout the South Pacific. Motu Tetaraire is a great place to start – an all-inclusive hideaway in the Rangiroa Atoll which offers endless serenity and seclusion. The spacious main house and the inviting guest bungalow could be all yours for just US$ 3,000 per night based on a minimum stay of five days. Book now via

Biden Family verkauft ihre exklusive Privatinsel in Florida

April 2016

Jim Biden, jüngerer Bruder des US-Vizepräsidenten Joe Biden, und seine Frau Sara verkaufen ihr privates Florida-Refugium Keewaydin Island durch VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS. Diese Insel wurde gemeinsam mit dem US-Vizepräsidenten genutzt.

Keewaydin Island ist etwa 405 ha groß. Die Bidens gehen sehr vorbildlich mit der Natur um – heute sind 403 ha der Insel unter Naturschutz und lediglich 2 ha privat genutzt.

Das 372 qm große und komplett renovierte Haupthaus des sogenannten „Biden-Bungalows“ an der Küste vom Golf von Mexiko verfügt über fünf Schlafzimmer, sechs Bäder und eine Küche mit Springbrunnen. Herzstück ist die Mastersuite mit fulminantem Rundumblick auf die Rookery Bay Mündungen, den Golf von Mexiko und die umliegende Natur. Diese ist unter anderem mit Rehen, Wildschweinen, Adlern, Leguanen sowie kleinen Meeresschildkröten besiedelt und Teil des Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Auch das 65 qm umfassende und voll ausgestattete Gästehaus mit einem geräumigen Schlafzimmer sowie einem Badezimmer mit direktem Ausblick auf den Mangrovenwald lädt zum Verweilen ein. Zu den weiteren Annehmlichkeiten des etwa 2 ha großen Domizils zählen ein Pavillon mit Outdoor-Jacuzzi und Fitnessstudio sowie Solarstrom. Vom privaten Bootssteg aus sind das nur gut drei Kilometer entfernte Marco Island und das knapp zehn Kilometer entfernte Naples mit Flughafen leicht zu erreichen.

Die schönste Zeit des Jahres wie die Politiker-Familie Biden unter der herrlichen Sonne Floridas verbringen – für USD 5.995.000 könnte dieser Traum schon bald in Erfüllung gehen und die Insel ist die Ihre!

Kontakt für weitere Informationen und hochaufgelöste Pressefotos:

VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS GmbH, Ballindamm 7, 20095 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 33 89 89,,

Start Saving to Rent Your Own Island for You and Your Significant Other

February 2016

Dreaming of an island getaway? With the hustle and bustle of a busy life, and the stress of that major work project pushing you toward a pint of ice cream at midnight, you probably need some time to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. How about a private island for you and your sweetie? 

Vladi Private Islands and Modernize understand the need for a romantic vacation, so here a few reasons why you should build that island-rental savings account now.Spend Time TogetherIf work or family obligations have been keeping you and your partner apart, spend some time reconnecting and bonding in a breathtaking setting. When you rent an island, you have the whole setting to yourself, uninterrupted by others who have high demands. You can spend time just relaxing and rekindling that love, or even celebrating an anniversary. The absence of distractions will soothe and rejuvenate you.

»  Here are our favorite islands for rent

Love is in the Air…

January 2016

Planning a grand romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day? VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS has got two extra-special gift ideas which are guaranteed to impress. With our help you could surprise your significant other with either a heart-shaped private island or an extra-special island named in their honour.

Name the island after the one you love

Treat the one you love to an extra special private island – named in their honour. Our picturesque islands in Nova Scotia are the perfect choice for this unique, romantic gift idea. Canada’s dreamy Atlantic Province is characterized by its picture-perfect coastal and lakeside landscapes. For less than CAD 50,000 you could be the proud owner of one of four beautiful, wooded islands located in the midst of untouched nature. Upon purchasing the island, you can christen the island with a name of your choice and register the new title in the land register.

A Heart-Shaped Island for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, why not show your special someone how much you care by surprising them with a romantic gift they’ll never forget: a heart-shaped private island! Blueberry Island and its associated mainland property are located just 45 minutes to the north of Montreal. As well as boasting a cosy log cabin, the island also comes with its own sandy beach, a garden and a picturesque forest, perfect for starry-eyed strolls. And there’s more! Blueberry Island is also home to its own cedar-log sauna - the perfect way to unwind and end your day in paradise with style.

New Island Calendar 2016: Cars vs. Islands

November 2015

Think that private island ownership is the exclusive domain of millionaires? Think again. Inspired by favourite phrase of VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS' founder and CEO, our new calendar proves once and for all that:

“If you can afford to buy a car, you can afford to buy an island.”
That's right – whether your budget only stretches to the price of a city-flitter like the BMW Mini or reaches as far a cool classic like the Ferrari 250 GT, CARS VS ISLANDS – 2016 proves we've got the perfect private island for every pocket size.
And better still – our islands actually have an advantage over their four-wheeled rivals: unlike your average automobile, the value of an island increases year after year. 
So if you're mulling over purchasing the car of your dreams this Christmas, it's not too late to change your mind.

» Click here to order your copy of the calendar.

The impressive Danish island Flak Fort off the capital of Copenhagen is on sale at VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS

November 2015

Situated just off the coast of Copenhagen, Flak Fort is the perfect private island for entrepreneurs - an ideal investment opportunity with an interesting past. Constructed in the buildup to World War I, the island forms one of three sea fortifications designed to protect the port of Copenhagen in the event of enemy attack. Reminders of this former role can be found throughout the island, in the form of underground corridors and gun emplacements.   

Comprising of 7.6 acres, this fully-developed, recently-renovated island retreat lends itself perfectly for commercial usage and comes with a series of spacious bedrooms, a fully-equipped restaurant/conference room, a kiosk and even its own marina. Indeed, further to its use as a sea defence facility, the island has also been used as a sailing centre and a unique event location.   

For € 7,500,000 this island could soon be yours.   

For more information and high-resolution imagery of Flak Fort, please don’t hesitate to contact our Press Department. Remember to copyright Vladi Private Islands if reproducing any images.

Pristine Private Island Off the Coast of Ibiza

October 2015

With its long sandy beaches, its sprawling size and its paradisiacal location in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s no wonder that Hamburg-based broker VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS is describing ISLA ESPALMADOR as a "once in a lifetime opportunity."

"It's rare to find islands as beautiful as this one on the market. Factor in the prime location  – just off minutes away from the coast Ibiza  – and its existing developments, and you’ve got a very special property indeed," explains VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS' president and founder, Farhad Vladi, who has been selling and renting private islands for over 40 years now.

Isla Espalmador extends over a generous surface area of approx. 338 acres, taking in a typically Mediterranean landscape which includes dunes, greenery and wonderful sandy beaches. Yet for all of these outstanding qualities, the stand-out feature of this spectacular island is perhaps its development  – a rarity within the Mediterranean area, where planning permission is hard to attain.

The island comes with two traditional Balearic villas, a chapel, a watchtower and a host of other outbuildings, each of which offer breath-taking views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and beyond, Ibiza itself. The island is listed exclusively with VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS and could be all yours for an asking price of EUR 24 million. 

For Sale: Remote Scottish Island - All Yours for just over Half a Million Pounds

June 2015

A private island that boasts a three-bedroom house, its own jetty and a wealth of natural beauty has been placed up for sale with VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS - all for just over half a million pounds. 

Looking for a picturesque private island without a premium price-tag? As well as boasting a stunning collection of luxury islands for sale, VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS has also got the perfect solution for island hunters on a more modest budget.
Gigalum Island (Scotland) is situated just minutes away from the Mull of Kintyre and boasts breathtaking views as well as a unique three-bedroom property and a pleasantly surprising price-tag which places it easily within reach of everyday island dreamers.

Listed via Hamburg-based island brokers VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS,Gigalum Island is available to purchase now for offers over GBP 550,000 – meaning that for less than the average cost of a one-bedroom flat in London, you could be the proud owner of fully-developed 19.3 acre private island.

The island, which is located within easy reach of Glasgow and counts some of Scotland´s most enchanting islands (Gigha, Jura & Islay) as its closest neighbours, is also home to an eye-catching house which centres three cosy en-suite bedrooms and a well-sized kitchen around a large, octagonal-shaped lounge. Further development is also possible.

Name an Island after the One You Love

January 2015

In just over a month’s time, loved-up couples all over the world will be cozying up together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Show your special someone how much you care with the help of VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS and treat them to an extra special private island – named in their honor. 

Our picturesque islands in Nova Scotia are the perfect choice for this unique, romantic gift idea. Canada’s dreamy Atlantic Province is famed for its friendly inhabitants, its picture-perfect coastal and lakeside landscapes and the endless abundance of leisure and recreation activities. For less than CAD 50,000 you could be the proud owner of one of four beautiful, wooded islands located in the midst of untouched nature.
Currently known as the Sheep Lake Islands, it’s possible to christen the island with a name of your choice upon purchase.  You can even register the island’s new title in the land register!

You and your partner, stranded alone on a dreamy desert island love nest… we can’t think of a better way to get in the mood for love. Check out our collection of intimate island retreats for a host of inspiring ideas guaranteed to capture your heart this Valentine’s Day and be prepared to fall in love with VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS’ top tip for romance: Forsyth Island.

Promising peace, solitude and a whole lot of sunshine, New Zealand’s Forsyth Island is home to two superb accommodation options: the hillside Te Paruparu Lodge (240 m²) and the bewitching Shorebeach Cottage -  located along Forsyth’s fantastic beach. The land of contrasts promises plenty of opportunities for joint activities such as boat tours, hiking, mountain biking or even simply taking it easy in the whirlpool. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love of your life on Forsyth Island – did we mention it’s also a great location for weddings?

VLADI ISLAND TRAVEL can take you to over 200 island destinations – from France to Fiji and on tot he beautiful Bahamas. For detailed travel information and to book your dream island holiday, either head to or  contact the VLADI ISLAND TRAVEL Team directly via / +49 (0) 40 33 00 00 For further information and high-resolution image material, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please remember to copyright VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS when reproducing the photographs.

Private Islands that cost less than a car

December 2014

Is the rising price of running a car driving you crazy? You`re not alone. Considering insurance, maintenance and spiralling petrol costs, it might be possible to trade in your four wheels for a private island – and still have change left over! VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS shows you how: 

"If you can afford to buy a car, you can afford to buy an island." The favourite phrase of Hamburg-based island broker, Farhad Vladi has attracted a lot of scepticism over the years, but rings a lot truer than you might think?  

"It`s a common misconception that private islands are the exclusive domain of millionaires and celebrities," explains the VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS founder. "Whilst we certainly count such high-net individuals to our clientele, you might be surprised to hear that the number of people of more modest means buying islands is on the up." 

It’s little wonder – for the price of a Volkswagen Beetle you could be the proud owner of a picturesque private island in Canada. Indeed, even when taking into account the property taxes, maintenance costs and insurance fees involved in the purchase, a private island often works out to be a more financially attractive option than a car, and – unlike your average automobile – actually increases in value from year to year.
And besides, as Vladi quite rightly points out: "If you’ve got an island, you don’t need a car." 
Still don’t believe us? Check out our island infographic for the proof that private island ownership is really much closer than you think… 

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Idea: A Private Island from VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS

November 2014

It’s a common misconception that private islands are the exclusive domain of millionaires and celebrities – a status symbol out of reach of the average Joe. Such thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth, however. The truth is, it’s possible to make your private island dream come true - whatever your budget

 For as little as USD 43,000 you could become an island owner with VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS. What these low-priced islands may be lacking in luxury, they more than make up for in spirit. The sense of freedom they offer sets them miles apart from more traditional real estate equivalents. Allowing you to get away from the world or take it all with you, these secluded retreats are perfect for nature lovers and water sports fans alike.

Modern electricity generators, water-treatment facilities and communication networks mean it couldn’t be easier to develop a new island. With the help of a cosy prefabricated house and an infrastructure project, your new island will soon feel like home. Start your search for the perfect present with VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS. Just in time for Christmas, we’ve put together a list comprising exclusively of islands costing less than USD 120,000.

For a Christmas with a difference, why not surprise your loved ones with the holiday of a lifetime? We’ve got a broad selection of islands still available over the festive period – just perfect for any latter day Robinson Crusoes?

First Ever eBay Island Auction

August 2014

VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS is embarking on its first ever online island auction. As of August 27th 2014, the picturesque Hurricane Hole Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, will be going under the hammer via online auction house eBay. The auction is set to run for a total of 30 days, giving would-be island owners ample opportunity to invest in the island of their dreams. Just a few days after going live, the bidding has already climbed from its starting price of just US$ 1 to an incredible US$ 10,000. 

Despite being at the forefront of the private island market for over 40 years now, the online auction of Hurricane Hole Island forms a first for Farhad Vladi, the founder of international island consultancy VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS. Starting from August 27th 2014, the auction will be open to all via Bidding began incredible US$ 1, promising an excellent opportunity for island lovers all over the world - regardless of budget. 

Tucked away in Isaac’s Harbour along Nova Scotia’s picturesque Atlantic Coast, Hurricane Hole Island was once a popular place to cast anchor – a safe harbour for the local fishing communities. The island also played an important role in the Nova Scotian gold rush of the 19th century and even formed home to a gold mine. These days, the island is covered in dense woodland and boasts a series of beautiful beaches and bays. At low-tide, the island is connected to a nearby mainland peninsula. From here, the well-paved Marine Drive road connects guests to the nearby fishing villages of Goldboro and Isaac’s Harbour before eventually leading on to Halifax (three hours away).

A sensational private island off the coast of the Greek Island of Lesbos is for sale – exclusively via VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS

May 2014

Mediterranean private islands rarely arrive on the island market – and when they do, they often have an astronomical price-tag attached to them. With this Greek island gem, however, international island broker Farhad Vladi is proud to present a private island rarity that bucks the trend: Little Lesbos – all yours for EUR 800,000.

Available on the international market for the very first time, Little Lesbos forms quite the coup for Vladi, whose company, VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS was issued with the exclusive mandate to sell the island by owners directly.  

Blessed with bays, beaches and beautiful vegetation, Little Lesbos also boasts a brilliant location - just 200 meters of crystal clear, tranquil waters separate the island from the sleepy village of Pamfila, with a further 15 minute drive connecting it to the capital of Lesbos itself, Mytilini. 

Easily accessible via an array of ferry connections or via the island’s international airport, the island of Lesbos has been a firm favourite amongst travellers for many years now, thanks in part to its high-quality olive oil, its fiery ouzo and the beautiful beaches that bring back the tourists year after year.
Further information on Little Lesbos

The Godfather of All Private Island Resorts

April 2014

Take an exclusive peek behind the scenes of Hollywood star Marlon Brando’s French Polynesian hideaway with VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS - official partner to The Brando!

After eight long years of careful planning and development, Marlon Brando’s South Pacific paradise is finally ready to open its doors to discerning travellers on July 1st, 2014 –10 years to the day since the Hollywood heavyweight’s tragic passing.
Home to 35 energy-autonomous luxury villas – each of which overlooks a pristine private beach and boasts its own plunge pool – it’s easy to see why Hollywood’s most famous names are already clamouring to get on the guest list.

Prices start at EUR 3,000 per night and could reach as much as EUR 250,000 per night for an exclusive island buy-out (available by special arrangement via VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS). Yet whilst certainly not cheap, those in the know assure us this exotic escape is worth every penny.
As beautiful as it is beguiling, the Tetiaroa Atoll first captured the heart of the Oscar-winning actor in 1962, during the filming of Mutiny on the Bounty. Three years later, in what Brando declared to be one of the “big moments” of his life, the island was his.

Mindful of the Brando’s promise to preserve Tetiaora’s true essence, the resort is very much in harmony with its natural surroundings. Tipped to become the world’s most eco-friendly private island, The Brando forms a fitting legacy to the forward-thinking Hollywood star.
For a more detailed behind the scenes look at Brando’s incredible island legacy, please contact VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS ( | +49 40 46 00 07-40). As well as rental details and up-to-date price information, we’ll happily provide exclusive, high-resolution photo material.

For further information and high-resolution image material, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please remember to copyright VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS when reproducing the photographs. » Vladi Private Islands - Official Partner of The Brando

Cool Private Island Resorts – The World’s 101 Best Islands

October 2013

Inspiring fantasies since time began; private islands serve not only as the world’s hottest real estate, but as an increasingly popular travel destination, too. Whether you’re looking to leave the world behind or take the best of it with you, private islands are a dream come true.
A selection of the very best of these island escapes will be presented for the first time within the pages of teNeues’ latest publication, due for release in October 2013.

Cool Private Island Resorts – The World’s 101 Best Islands
Inviting readers on a global journey of a different kind, this high-end coffee-table book promises an incredible island-hopping trip, stopping off at a host of enchanting resorts, sensual spas and sun-drenched beach bungalows. Wander through the resorts of famous island owners such as magician David Copperfield and self-made billionaire Richard Branson or take some time out on the same private luxury island where Prince William and Duchess Catherine spent their romantic honeymoon. Whether you’re hoping to be the king and queen of your own island castle or even enjoy a private hideaway on a self-catering basis, there are islands for every budget – from $100 to $10,000 per day!
Please let us know if you require a review copy. We will then pass on these requests directly to the teNeues publishing house.
If you are interested in showcasing a particular island, please feel free to either give me a call or drop me a line via e-mail. Whether for a one-of-a-kind wedding, a secluded family gathering or a tranquil corporate event, island getaways provide the perfect remote escape and a truly unique setting. Several islands are still available throughout the festive season, simply head over to to find out which dream islands are waiting to welcome you to their deserted beaches.
The following link allows you to download the cover of the title and five other hi-resolution press images (300 dpi).

Sabine Rollinger | Presseabteilung
Vladi Private Islands GmbH
Ballindamm 7 | 20095 Hamburg | Germany
Tel.: +49 40 46 00 07-40 | E-Mail:

Love is in the air… Heart-shaped Islands for Valentine’s Day

January 2013

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Forget it! This Valentine’s Day it’s all about our oh-so-romantic island escapes. The perfect idea for a unique gift or a passionate private island vacation, these three love-nests are sure to capture your heart! 

A plan with precedent: In a romantic gesture like no other, George Boldt, the manager of NYC’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, bought his wife a heart-shaped island in the Saint Lawrence River, before turning one of the largest private homes in America. Follow in his footsteps and stand out from the crowd this February 14th. There’s no better way to say “I love you.” More information >>

For further information and high-resolution image material, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please remember to copyright VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS when reproducing the photographs.

New to the European market - an incredible island in France!

December 2012

Without a doubt the most beautiful island to currently find itself on the French market, the wonderful Île de Boëdic lays protected within the Gulf of Morbihan - a veritable paradise for sailing fans - and is dotted with an array of luxurious buildings, all of which have been renovated in the last two years.

Amongst various other buildings, the island is home to a traditional Breton long house, a superb main house, a guesthouse, a gatehouse and a quaint, romantic chapel. This distinguished, 17 acre isle lies close to the city of Vannes and could therefore not be easier to access. » More about Île de Boëdic

Vladi Private Islands Calendar 2013 – Island Hopping (Limited Edition)


October 2012

Let Vladi Private Islands take you on an unforgettable journey with our new, exclusive island-hopping calendar. Taking you on a round the world trip over the course of a year, the 2013 edition of the VPI calendar is the perfect gift for those latter-day explorers who want to turn their island daydreams into a reality.


Stopping off at a different island every month and with a few special surprises thrown in for good measure, this year’s calendar proves that these days, you don’t need a six-figure salary to join the jet set. With everything from regal resorts to rugged Robinson retreats, there’s an island for everyone on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. So what are you waiting for? Fasten your seatbelts and let Vladi Private Islands take you on the journey of a lifetime.

Dimensions: 29,7 cm  × 42,0 cm » More information

The unstoppable new trends in the island market

October 2012 

Vladi Private Islands founder Farhad Vladi gives his expert views and advice on the most important new trends that are changing global island market forever.

In recent years the governments, Nature Trusts and Nature Conservancy Groups of many different countries have all come forward to buy islands. Indeed, not long ago, a prime island in Nova Scotia was sold for a substantial price to the Nature Trust. A very big change was afoot, however. Unlike previous occasions, where public money was used to secure the deal, the purchase of this particular island was financed by a very prominent local businessman, who donated private money to secure the protection the future enjoyment of this island for the people of Nova Scotia.

It is becoming more and more common to see the government of various countries purchasing islands. From France to Scotland and England to New Zealand and beyond, the governments of these countries can be seen making use of the recession to purchase islands for low prices. It is popular move for politicians, who are keen to promote the purchase of islands from private hands into public hands.
What the future will look like:

This conservation trend is almost certain to continue and will be visible almost everywhere except for those islands that already have substantial developments upon them. The British Virgin Islands, for example, has issued a policy according to which the government makes use of their right of first refusal regarding any undeveloped islands which appear on the market. This is very much the trend. Who will be the island owners of the future? In my opinion; it will be conservation-minded public or private island owners, and developers of hotels and resorts.

The other trend in the private island market is that people do not want to own, but more enjoy. This new direction has given a considerable boost to the island holidays and island travel market and has made a difference regarding development too. More and more island are developed for short term holidays – whether a resort or privately owned. Many island lovers are asking themselves the following question: why buy and have the burden of responsibility when I can enjoy the exclusivity of an island holiday instead? This way, the traveler even has the right to complain! In the island market there is no such thing as black and white. There are many shades in between. That said, the trend appears to be obvious – the Seychelles D’Arros Island is a textbook example of how private islands are transferring from the private to the public, and is now run by a nature conservancy group. Vladi Private Islands sold it to the emperor family of Iran, who very much enjoyed it, it went to Ms. Bettencourt, who also obviously enjoyed it, and now it is a nature reserve. Great Dog Island in the British Virgin Islands has taken exactly the same path.
We, as supporters of private island ownership can assist the island owners with advice about what to do and how to be prepared.

These are our recommendations:

Find out whether your island has potential as a resort or a home which can be rented out to island holiday tourists. If neither of this is likely, consider selling now to a nature conservancy group or a government, as long as governments and trusts are paying market value! In this particular case I would also strongly recommend getting a building permit for the island first of all. After all, an island with a permit can be appraised for a higher value.

This trend is unlikely to change, as it is already very much in place, is attracting attention and is even supported by several prominent business people.

The private islands owners should investigate the highest and best use of their island, look at the trend and reconsider what is the best for the future. A sale to trusts and governments could be the best avenue. Vladi Private Islands can be of assistance to share our experience – we have already been involved in more than 25 sales to governments, nature trusts and nature conservancy groups.

Celebrities renting Private Islands – the new trend

August 2012

Owning a Private Island is definitely a theme which has been discussed more and more in recent years. It is no longer a secret that well-known celebrities have bought private islands in the past, as seen by the name-dropping in many island related articles. However, the newest development on this theme is that more and more celebrities are renting rather than buying private islands. 

We see this trend very clearly, as we have rented out private islands very successfully not only to celebrities, but also to extremely wealthy individuals who appreciate our service. We offer:

•    Guarantee of the highest security standards on a private island
•    Paparazzi free area
•    Absolute confidentiality – we don’t give the press names until we are allowed to 
•    We are island experts – meaning in many cases we know the islands very well from inspections, or have sold the islands 
•    We have a high standard of service: we get a thorough briefing from our guests to be able to accommodate all their wishes (food, sport, lifestyle, customs, etc)
•    We guarantee a 24 hour service – guests can reach us wherever they are

We are extremely successful in renting out private islands – and have a new rental catalogue ISLAND TRAVELER. In the past more and more luxury island resorts have been launched, like North Island, Seychelles, Fregate Island, Seychelles, Laucala Island, Fiji, Tagomago, Spain. These islands were booked through our service from people such as: 

•    Prince William and Catherine for their honeymoon (North Island)
•    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for a family vacation (North Island)
•    Bill Gates for family holidays (Fregate Island, which we sold to the current owner)
•    Paul McCartney for his honeymoon (Cousine Island, Seychelles)
•    Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo for his holidays (Tagomago)
•    Movie star Nicolas Cage for his vacation (Little Whale Cay, Bahamas)
•    Oprah Winfrey stayed on Laucala Island, Fiji
•    Britney Spears rented a villa on Turtle Island, Fiji
•    Madonna vacationed on Soneva Fushi in the Maldives
•    Paris Hilton was recently on Canouan Island, Grenadines
•    Kylie Minogue stayed on Taprobane Island, Sri Lanka, while recovering from cancer. After the visit she produced a song, entitled "Taprobane (Extraordinary Day)"

These guests appreciated our discrete and secure service. The trend is: Celebrities are not buying anymore they are renting, because this gives them the freedom to change location every year.

Are celebrities giving up the island lifestyle?

The first Chinese island purchaser

June 2012

VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS has been enjoying great success in China: Our representative in Shanghai, Manuel Brinkschulte has sold and closed his first private island transaction!Further we have received extraordinary positive response from many interested clients and we are organizing numerous island viewings worldwide. Our client, Bruce Li, purchased a coastal island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Interview Mr. Li gave to the Chinese magazine ZENITH. » Read more

Governments and NPOs Acquiring Private Islands worldwide!

A Unique Scottish Private Island for Sale

April 2011

The iconic island of Ailsa Craig off the western coast of Scotland has come on the market. Located in the outer Firth of Clyde, 16 kilometres off shore, this huge private island with its state-owned lighthouse, is the most conspicuous landmark in the channel between Scotland and Ireland. 
VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS has been mandated by the owner, Lord Ailsa, to sell this special property in partnership with Knight Frank. 
Ailsa Craig Island is also home to the world’s best-known curling stone quarry, and is a sanctuary for gannet seabirds.

The most beautiful island in Europa is now for sale: SANDA ISLAND – Scotland

July 2008

One of the most beautiful and unique islands in Europe is now for sale: 
Sanda Island. This 350 acre island is located on the Scottish west coast off the Mull of Kintyre.

Sanda Island is a privately-owned island and is indeed unique, as the ownership includes the title "Laird of Sanda", the right to issue its own postage stamps and to mint its own gold coins.

Furthermore, the island offers the new owner a self-sufficient life, as it comprises a self-contained hill farm and has an additional income with a popular Bed & Breakfast business, as well as cottages for rent.

The island’s own picturesque lighthouse is perched on a high rock and is still in use today.

A new romantic wedding + honeymoon destination

August 2006

We would like to inform you about a brand new, romantic and unusual wedding and honeymoon location:
Forsyth Island in New Zealand
A private island which is like a private kingdom with 706 ha - a unique place of beauty only for the couple and their guests, with

*    wonderful views of the open sea to the end of the world…
*    many romantic spots
*    facilities for a private and secluded wedding ceremony
*    spacious and elegant villa for a couple and guests
*    excellent service for catering
*    ideal location for an unforgettable honeymoon trip

Johnny Depp buys a private island in the Bahamas

July 2006

Three years after the sensational success of Pirates of the Caribbean the sequel, full of action, suspense, fun and most of all pirates is now coming to cinemas all across Germany. 
American actor Johnny Depp, who plays Captain Jack Sparrow, just recently bought a private island in the Caribbean, where he is most definitely not in danger of plundering pirates! 
The private island Little Hall’s Pond Cay is located in the Bahamas and has been developed. 
We offered this island for sale on our website and would be more than happy to provide high-resolution photos by email. 

American actor Nicolas Cage also owns a private island in the Caribbean after purchasing the as yet undeveloped Leaf Cay Island. He too bought the island from the Hamburg island broker, Vladi Private Islands.




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