Farhad Vladi: My love for islands

Few people can withstand the longing for their own private piece of land in the midst of vast oceans or an idyllic lake, far from the rush and confinement of the rest of the world. Even though it is of manageable size an island feels infinite - the water creates a natural boundary that provides island dwellers with a freedom not found in any piece of real estate on the mainland.

Yet it is the mainland that gives islands their special character. The luxury of a private island consists of the freedom to escape into solitude and to return from it at any time - therefore, even the smallest island with a simple log cabin is of immense value to its owner.

lt is a great and very moving privilege to observe the passing of the season on one's own island. Even after spending many years on their islands, many island owners have described to me how overwhelmed they felt by the beauty and power of nature - and the composure they have learned from it: on an island, everything takes place at nature's own slow pace. Those who respect this pace are richly awarded as they contribute to the maintenance of their island universe. Islands have cast their spell on me in my childhood, a spell that has not been broken to this day. On March 14, 1971 I sold my first island: Cousine Island in the Seychelles. To this date, the number of islands I have sold has reached 2,000. During these four decades, I had the opportunity to meet island owners with the most varying personalities. Regardless of their profession or social status, they all have one thing in common - they are all extreme individualists with great perseverance when it comes to carrying out their personal endeavours.

Today’s island owners do not have to struggle with infrastructure issues anymore. State-of-the-art systems to generate electricity and to purify water, the most comfordable ready-built houses, good technical tools for setting up road systems, as well as electronic communicating facilitate the development of the new isle. Once this whole process is completed, the owner usually has built up strong emotional ties to the land.

This remains today's actual major obstacle on the way to purchasing an island - islands are rare, regardless of their location in a lake, a river or the sea.
An island that has been carefully and lovingly reclaimed often feels to its owner like part of the family. Parting company with it is accordingly extremely difficult. This phenomenon can be described in other words: an island does not have a house number. An island has a soul.

Farhad Vladi

Source: Foreword from the book LUXURY PRIVATE ISLANDS Published by teNeues 2006,
Edited by Farhad Vladi

He who acts where others talk gets ahead in life!”

John F. Kennedy

Our Offices around the world


Our office in Hamburg, Germany

Sales and Rental

In the past 50 years, we have handled the sale of over 2,650+ islands and we have rented out thousands of island beds. From the very start we began to build up our unique island archive (with over 12,000 files). Located in our Hamburg office, this represents the heart of the company's accumulated knowledge.
Each island file contains topographical maps, marine charts, aerial photographs, photographs of the island's natural features and its facilities, extracts from the local register of deeds, tax assessment notes, correspondence with the owner, and our own inspection reports. This provides comprehensive material for a potential island buyer and much of the data is simply unavailable elsewhere.


  • Certified appraisers for islands, testified in the Supreme Court of the United States and Canada
  • Among others Vladi Private Islands has been hired by the Irish government for island appraisals in expropriation cases.

President: Farhad Vladi
Managing Director: Olaf Lock
Company ID Hamburg: HRB 41232
German Tax Nr.: DE177993042

Vladi Private Islands GmbH
Ballindamm 26
20095 Hamburg
Tel. + 49-40-33 89 89
Fax + 49-40-33 00 81

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Our office in Halifax, Nova Scotia/Canada

is a property management company and buys and sells private islands on its own account. Furthermore, Vladi Private Islands Ltd. ventures with Tradewinds Realty Ltd. in respect of brokerage of islands.

Islands are also rare pieces of real estate in Nova Scotia. Nevertheless, the long Atlantic shoreline of this exceptional peninsula province offers some interesting opportunities of privately owned islands with sandy beaches and/or rocky cliffs.

Furthermore, we offer some islands in freshwater lakes with dense mixed woods and drinking quality water and a fresh water supply can be guaranteed in most cases. All islands offered by Vladi Private Islands can be developed with at least one local type log cabin. We are happy to assist our clients with our construction know how.

President: Farhad Vladi
Managing Director: Olaf Lock


Vladi Private Islands (Canada) Limited
Suite 602, Summit Place
1601 Lower Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3P6
Tel. +1 902/423 3202
Fax: +1 902/425 4765

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New Zealand

Our office in Wellington, New Zealand

Property Management and Rental

Since October 2004 we are pleased to announce the opening of our New Zealand, Wellington office in the Historic Bank Arcade, one of the most beautiful buildings in New Zealand owned by Vladi Private Islands "Pacific" Limited and Partners. The company's manager Anna Smith is in charge of the affairs of Bank Arcade and Vladi Private Islands "Pacific" Limited. The main topic of Vladi Private Islands "Pacific" Limited is the rental of privately owned islands in New Zealand, Australia and the Southern Pacific and property management aspects of investements in those areas by Vladi Private Islands "Pacific" Limited and its clients.

President: Farhad Vladi
Managing Director: Olaf Lock

Vladi Private Islands "Pacific" Limited
PO Box 5373
New Zealand
Tel. +64 4 472 2603
Fax: +64 4 922 0602

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Our showroom in San Francisco, USA

Private Islands Worldwide: Discover the world of private islands, mega yachts & floating villas

The only Private Islands Worldwide showroom in North America is now open in San Francisco’s historic Jackson Square district.

VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS and the MEYER Group, in cooperation with ARDILA COSTELLO TEAM at COMPASS, jointly present private islands in prime locations around the globe, as well as floating villas from MEYER Floating Solutions and superyachts from MEYER YACHTS.

From the pristine Greek Isles to the crystal blue Caribbean waters, Private Islands Worldwide offers unparalleled access to a diverse exclusive portfolio of private islands around the world priced from $300K - $90MM. Our team offers white glove service through the discovery and acquisition process as well as island development and infrastructure expertise. Private island rental opportunities are also available.

Looking forward to enjoying your private island, floating villa or superyacht? Talk to us.

We will find your paradise. Please get in touch via

USA | Showroom
724 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: (650) 433-6226

Mon - Fri 11 AM - 7 PM

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