Island Appraisals

Establishing the true value of your private island property

An appraisal is the process of developing an opinion about how much a property is worth and can form a crucial role in establishing a final sales price. It should therefore be an important consideration for both private island buyers and sellers.

Whereas an opinion about the value of a more conventional piece of real estate can be established easily using market value information about comparable properties, the situation is considerably trickier when it comes to private islands – no two of which are alike.

Vladi Private Islands has assembled an archive covering over 12,000 international private islands– the most comprehensive private island database in the world. Using knowledge and data gathered over the past 50 years, we are able to establish a realistic value for your property based on existing sales data, market value reports and an evaluation of the island’s investment value (taking into account things like building permits, touristic potential etc.).

The company’s founder, Farhad Vladi, has been called as an expert witness on private island matters at the Federal Court Systems of Canada and the USA and has also appraised islands for the Irish Government. Contact us for further information.




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