Property Management

Take advantage of our comprehensive island property management service

Private Island Management - Need a helping hand with the management of your private island acquisition?

Using the connections and know-how we have amassed over the past 50 years, Vladi Private Islands is happy to assist you in establishing a development plan for your island, taking in everything from setting up an electrical power supply, establishing communications lines and development and construction and much, much more.

Once your development is complete, Vladi Private Islands would be happy to recommend reliable, experienced island management / caretaker teams, who – in your absence - can keep a close eye on your property and make sure the day-to-day running of your island home runs as smoothly as possible.

Property Management in Nova Scotia, Canada

Purchased a property in Nova Scotia, Canada? Let Vladi Private Islands be of assistance with the management of your property.

Based out of an office located directly on the waterfront in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia, our bilingual (German/English) management team is ideally positioned to help you out with the day-to-day running of your new real estate acquisition.

Our Canadian Management Office is responsible for the administration of over 2,000 properties right across Canada’s Atlantic Province. For assistance with everything from flights to log cabin construction and insurance to immigration, simply contact Vladi Private Islands and take advantage of over 40 years’ experience on site in Nova Scotia.

Property Management Services – An Overview

• Property management

• Accountancy

• Detailed development advice, including:
  o Construction of Log Cabins
  o Construction Supervision
  o And much more…

• Travel Packages, including:
  o Flights
  o Hotels
  o Hire Cars and Mobile Homes

• Land Tax Payments

• Insurance Service and Checks

• Translations

• Assistance with Immigration and Legal Representation




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