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Advantages of Listing Your Property with Vladi Private Islands GmbH - Specialist for Habitable Private Islands

1. We have been in the business of selling and renting private islands for over fourty years and have the unique track record of having sold over 2,650 islands.

2. Our website is the No. 1 website in habitable private islands for sale. It has hosted over 40 million visitors since its launch.

3. Over fourty years ago, Vladi Private Islands GmbH received a real estate license issued by the governmental office in Germany.

4. Vladi Private Islands GmbH is a member of FIABCI – the international real estate association, and therefore has contacts with local licensed real estate agents in all countries where they are active.

5. Our Exclusive Agency Agreement is a “soft” agreement, which means that although there is at least a period of six months of an exclusive right to sell, the owner, their friends or associates are able to sell the island through their own channels. In this case, Vladi Private Islands GmbH is due a residual commission of only 1% of the agreed purchase price.

6. Our real estate commission of 6% is very marketable.

7. The real way to sell islands is by word-of-mouth. If served clients are satisfied, they will recommend our services further. This is the main stream of our business.

8. It is easy to list a property on a website and sit back and wait. We are different. We are active in the market.

9. We serve our clients also with an experienced property management company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This management company has been in existence since 1978 and manages over 800 properties. Management is an important tool in sales activities.

10. If requested, we can update the client/Vendor of the property with the monthly statistics from our website and report how many clicks, print-outs, recommendations of the property presentation have been made.

We do not concentrate solely on our website. We know that the majority of private islands are not promoted on websites, as owners wish to have discreet and confidential treatment. This is the reason why we emphasise much more on private discussions with investors and clients (direct marketing) but use of course also all opportunities, which the internet provides.
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