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Whether your heart beats for the East Coast or West Coast, Vladi Private Islands Travel has all bases covered with its great range of private island holidays in the United States. With everything from upstate luxury in the 1000 Islands chain to fun in the sun on a Californian lighthouse island, you’re guaranteed a vacation like no other. For a more luxurious getaway, head on down to the Sunshine State and check out our islands for rent in Florida. Unlock the door to the Florida Keys with our exquisite Florida island rentals today.

The United States of America is a destination of immense diversity – both in terms of culture and in terms of geography. Approximately 306 million people live on 9,826,630 square kilometres of mixed terrain, sandwiched between the Atlantic to the East and the Pacific to the West. Different types of landscape dominate the country: forests and low mountain ranges such as the Appalachian Mountains in the east, the high cordillera of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the coastal range along the U.S. West Coast.


Mangrove forests can be found in subtropical Florida, whereas rainforests can be found in the northwest. Major rivers such as the Mississippi and Missouri run through the States from north to south. Arid deserts characterise the southwest, the fertile lowlands of the 'Great Plains' are located in the centre of the country, whereas the Great Lakes in the northeast form the border with Canada. National Parks have been set up in scores of different locations and are spread across the length and width of the so-called land of the free.

The United States offer vacation opportunities in every season to cater for everyone’s taste: from city breaks in the metropolis of New York, to road trips along the Route 66 in the summer months, all the way through to beach holidays in either California or Florida. In the USA, the possibilities are endless.




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