The Mission

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

Having the distinction as being the oldest existing structure east of Quebec City, the Mission was built by the French at the request of Abbe M Thury, for the priests serving the Acadian people as well as a fortification against the English. Also known as “The Olde Stone House”, the property boasts one hundred acres of prime agricultural land and forest. Maps circa 1699 describe a building matching The Mission’s description at the place where the St Croix River meets the Avon. Only 45 minutes from Halifax and 15 minutes from Windsor, the scenic pastoral sweeping hillside views make this one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

Currently the residence of internationally renowned photographer Sherman Hines, the potential uses of the estate range from art gallery, museum, event venue, winery, brewery or even a development complex as an artist retreat. The historical importance, impressive land and spring fed well would enable any of these ventures. The two-hundred-foot-deep spring fed drilled well provides 20 gallons a minute. It has equivalent value as a family home. A great place for children to grow up with the prized King's-Edgehill School nearby.

This sprawling estate on one hundred acres has 8585 square feet of living area, and comprises five bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms. Along with the main residence, there is a chapel, barn museum, a 660 square foot guest house, the old stone house garage and office, outhouse gift shop, chicken coop, storage building and “Falcon 2” for landscaping equipment. Luxurious lifestyle and fitness amenities are also part of the package which includes a 20 x 40 foot pool, patio and tennis court. In keeping with the spirit of the Old Stone Home (The French used local fieldstone collected in the fields to build the Mission), the guest house was built with leftover hand-hewn beams, the chapel and barn were rescued, moved, restored and attached to the main home. Gorgeous fifty-year BC split cedar wood shingle exterior adds to the majesty of the structural aesthetic. The view at dusk from the house of pastoral sweeping hillside grassy fields is spectacular. Walking trails by gypsum ponds and pits through the back edge of the wooded part of the property are a perfect retreat.


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