Le Moulin Fort Chisseaux

France | Europe: Atlantic

Le Moulin Fort Chisseaux ranks among one of the most unusual chateaus in the Loire Valley.

Surrounded by three islands, which also belong to this estate, the castle, steeped in history, is located on a fourth island on the Cher river.

In the course of the last four centuries, the former mill has undergone some changes: After numerous negotiations with Loire merchants, the Banal Moulin was built by Adam de Houdin XVI in the year 1526. In 1556, the mill was bought by Diane de Poitiers and after the death of King Henry II of France in 1559, the mill was taken over by his wife and Queen of France, Catherine de’ Medici. After a devastating fire, the estate was abandoned. In the 19th century, the derelict building was reconstructed by the family Dupin.

During the course of the renovation, a bridge to the island was erected from the right-bank enclosure.

Around 1825 the mill was modified by the Count Villeneuve and was used as a tannery up until 1840. With the straightening of the course of the Cher river in 1840, the structure was once again rebuilt. The tannery was discontinued and the water wheel, which had still existed at the building up to that point, was removed. Furthermore, the bridge was demolished and replaced by a ferryboat.

In 1920, a complete restoration was carried out by the former owner family Menier.

Today the chateau shines in its former glory and beauty, however with all technical advantages imaginable. Particularly noteworthy is the installation of an electric extendable bridge, which connects the island with the northerly shore.





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