Norway | Europe: Atlantic

  • Sizeapprox. 74 acre; Area of building mass: approx. 1600 sqm.
  • LocationSouthwest of Bodø, Nordland
  • Country/State Norway
  • Region Europe: Atlantic

Krokholmen is the name of a group of three small islands, which are situated just south west of the city of Bodo the largest city in Nordland county. The scenery is one of Norway's most spectacular and beautiful, with spectacular high mountains, but also sheltered, fertile and picturesque islands. One of these is Krokholmen, whose climate is much milder than normal, due to the effects of the Gulf stream.

Picture yourself on a deep-sea fishing trip, surrounded by the world's largest population of white-tailed eagle, or trekking to the top of Mt. Sandhorn with its spectacular views, or landing on a small, secluded beach with white sand and green ocean - all under the midnight sun! The nearby Beiarn river (30 min.) is ideal for the passionate angler, who can try his luck with the salmon or sea trout. The legendary Saltstraumen, Norway's strongest tidal current, just 30 minutes away by boat, challenges the angler, as well as the experienced scuba diver.
Or perhaps you would prefer to navigate your kayak between islets and through narrow straits? During hunting season you can try your aim at the wild geese or seals.
On Krokholmen you will find a set-up for shooting clay pigeons or you can try shooting with a bow and arrow or air guns.

History of Krokholmen:
The long historic and cultural influence of the coastal people and their way of life is mirrored in the buildings on Krokholmen in its unique and charming architecture.
The production of klippfish (dried and salted cod) was the main livelihood for several generations of owners. As a consequence, one of Norway's earliest industrial style drying plants for klippfish was built on Krokholmen (Krygerbrygga). In the 1970s, the last permanent inhabitants left Krokholmen. In 1987 a business group acquired the islands for commercial purposes. They kept large amount of salmon enclosed with nets between the islands and offered anglers a guaranteed catch. Not surprisingly they named the place "Salmon Islands". They restored many of the buildings and today you will find Krokholmen almost exactly as the seafarers of the last century did.

Altogether there are 9 buildings, the oldest dating back to approx. 1850. Krokholmen includes a restaurant, pubs, a conference centre, a concert hall, sleeping accommodation, boathouses, quays, drying-rack, hot tub, a clay pigeon set-up and a marina.

Furniture and movables are included. Krokholmen is well-equipped with gear for sport and leisure activities. Included are various boats, an all-terrain vehicle, fishing gear, garden tools, etc. All kitchen equipment and tools are included.

* Nordlandshuset». Built approx. 1850, two parlours / sitting rooms, kitchen, shower, toilet and five bedrooms. The building has been kept in its original style, is several hundred years old, and typical of this part of the country. Area approx.176 sqm.
* Sandhornhuset». Built in 1904. Includes a restaurant seating approx. 50 people, a modern kitchen, four bedrooms, bathroom and toilet. Area 142 sqm.
* Läven» (The Barn). Built in 1920 and restored extensively in 1997. Includes seven bedrooms, bath with shower and toilets, a small kitchen, sitting room and a terrace. Area 114 sqm.
* Kärstua». Built approx. 1850. originally the managers dwelling. Contains three bedrooms, bath with shower and toilet, a sauna and a lounge area. Just outside a wood lit hot tub.
* Nikolaibrygga» (Nikolai's quay). Built approx. 1890. Contains six bedrooms, shower and toilets. On the ground floor a quaint and charming small pub.
* Krygerbrygga». On the ground floor a large hall with seating for 170 people, a pub area and toilets. Ideal for concerts, plays, weddings, etc. On the first floor a conference section for approx. 45-50 people. The third floor is presently not utilized.

The total area of the building mass on Krokholmen is approx. 1600 sqm.
In the marina 50 m of floating-quay have recently (2006) been added to the already existing quays.

Potentials for commercial utilization:
1. Accommodation: Krokholmen can receive 39 lodgers divided between 25 bedrooms in six different houses.
2. Conferences / seminars: for up to 45 participants.
3. Restaurant: The restaurant seats up to 45 guests. Includes a modern kitchen.
4. Pubs: Both "Nikolaibrygga" and "Krygerbrygga" have a pub.
5. Concerts: "Krygerbrygga" can seat up to 170 people.
6. Deep-sea fishing: Krokholmen is ideally positioned for taking groups out for the big catch.
7. Scuba diving: Both around Krokholmen and by boat to Saltstraumen. Air-compressor on Krokholmen.
8. Hunting: Wild geese and seals.
9. Deep-sea rafting: with high-speed RIBs.
10. Boat hire. Kayaks, rowing boats as well as light motorized boats.



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