Raidhigga Island

Maldives | Indian Ocean & Africa

Ari Atoll is one of the biggest natural atolls located in the west of the archipelago of the Maldives and at the heart of the tourism industry in this country. The almost rectangular alignment spreads the islands over an area of about 89 km x 30 km. It has been divided into two sections for administration purposes – Northern Ari Atoll and Southern Ari Atoll, consisting of 105 islands. Ari Atoll is a part of the zone designated for tourism development in the Maldives. 

The island is extremely beautiful and has a natural harbour, acting as a safe anchorage for boats and which also has the potential to be developed into a yacht marina. There is also ample space for the construction of overwater villas.  

The property is located about 15 minutes by seaplane from Male international airport. Most of the islands can be reached within one hour by speed boat from Male. There are over 20 islands, which have been designated as tourist resorts and each island resort is self-contained with accommodation and recreation facilities, in particular scuba diving – the most popular tourist activity in the Maldives. 




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