Redondo Island

Brazil | South America

This island is located on the Baía da Ribeira on the archipelago of Angra dos Reis, three kilometres off the mainland and has a total area of 68,000 sq.m.

The entire island is covered in dense and lush plant life, nearly 12,000 sq.m. of which is covered in grass, gardens, orchards, while the remainder has been preserved in its natural state.

1. Main House
Surrounded by a wide veranda and featuring a living room, dining room, guest bathroom, three bedrooms with private bathrooms and three other bedrooms, which have a common bathroom, kitchen, pantry and wine cellar. All bedrooms have individual air-conditioning and central water heating.

2. Guest House
Surrounded by a wide veranda and has four bedrooms with private bathrooms. All bedrooms have air-conditioning and water heaters.

3. Spa
Equipped with electric dry and steam sauna, shower, hot-tub, as well as a workout room and rest area.

4. Pool
l Eight meters in diameter and 1.30 m deep with continually treated and filtered ocean water. The large deck surrounds the pool with benches. The bar is in the shape of a sun hat and has fixed stools. There is an installed sound and intercom system.

5. Barbeque
Large covered area surrounded by grassy areas and gardens. It has a table with 30-person seating capacity and counters for buffet service and other requirements, large capacity charcoal barbeque pit.

6. Pier - Deck and Beach
Strategically located and perfectly sheltered from the prevailing winds; the pier can dock large speedboats and forms a lovely setting among the rock formations, vegetation and beach. A few steps connect the area to the lookout deck, which provides an unrivalled view. A bathroom is also set into the rocks and the pier mooring features a heli-pad.



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