Alexander Lake Lodge

Alaska | USA

  • Size49.4 acres
  • LocationWest of Anchorage
  • Country/State Alaska
  • Region USA

A modern classic in the heart of Alaska


This picturesque and traditional lodge is located in south central Alaska, about a 30 minute flight west of Anchorage. The impressive lake, rich in pike, is surrounded by a diversity of animals such as moose, bear, porcupine, beaver, fox and the always present hunting hawk.

The views over the reflecting lake show the Beluga-Mountains and the Alaskan countryside, as well as the famous Mt. Mc Kinley, almost 7000 m high. The Alexander Lake Lodge is considered by the natives to be the most traditional Lodge in southcentral Alaska. However, many technological additions have also been made to bring it up to today's standard: two new generators provide electricity for the entire Lodge, two deep wells supply splendid drinking water and new sanitary facilities are also in place. The landing and take off facilities for both water planes and normal aircraft are in good condition and safe. For this purpose, the entire lake as well as a 600 m long grass slope are available.

Peace and being at one with nature is guaranteed, as landing and taking off is only allowed with permission by the owner. The Lodge consists of old original log homes, one main building and six cabins, altogether catering comfortably for twenty guests. The fishing possibilities here are unlimited: the main attraction of this lodge is the "king salmon month" in June, when king salmon begin to move into the clear water streams of the Susitna River drainage. For fishing the entire length of the the Alexander Creek, dingies can be for up to twenty hours a go. After a day of fishing, one is brought back to the Lodge by either car or aircraft. In some locations, motorized aluminium boats are also available, which can be used to fish on the entire lake. There also is the possibility to go on numerous day trips by aircraft to different fishing grounds within 100 km of the area.

Sightseeing flights to Mt. McKinley (a majestic snow and ice covered mountain in the north) and the Prince William Sound in the south, where halibut can be caught are unforgettable experiences.






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