Islands of Happy Days

Wisconsin | USA

  • SizeWest Island: approx. 12 acres; East Island: approx. 5.7 acres
  • LocationRed Cedar Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin
  • Country/State Wisconsin
  • Region USA

There are two islands for sale, the West and East Island.
The actual acreage of the islands is listed with:
West Island: approx. 12 acres
East Island: approx. 5.7 acres.

The two islands are connected by a 100 ft. bridge and most of the structures are on the larger West Island.
There is a 30,000 sq ft lodge, nine cabins of various sizes, three additional approved building sites, a boathouse, assorted support buildings and a clay tennis court. The East Island is long and narrow, with two 6,000 sq ft building sites.

The property offers 40 guest rooms (and five staff rooms - plus an additional three in the mainland shore house), grand common areas, outdoor dining, two private dining/banquet/meeting areas (dining room for 44 people), a commerical kitchen, and a three acre parking area on the mainland. The island is open for guests during summer season.

"The Island of Happy Days" (West Island) was built just after the turn of the century by Frank D. Stout. Mr. Stout's family was part of a large logging operation and he became one of Chicago's wealthiest citizens in the early 1900s by investing his inheritance in banking and railroads.

Airports in the area:

Minneapolis/St. Paul - 2 hours

Eau Claire - 70 minutes
CVR airport

Rice Lake - 20 minutes

Interior photos made by
Aerial photos made by Peterson Aerial Photography.



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