Isla Robinson Crusoe

Chile | South America

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Más a Tierra, now renamed Robinson Crusoe Island, is where Alexander Selkirk was marooned – the inspiration for Daniel Defoe's famous novel. You can see the cave where the “real” Robinson Crusoe lived for four years and the lookout point where he went every day to watch for ships, until he was finally rescued in 1709. The island, which currently has a population of 600, is a nature sanctuary and one of the last places on earth to experience untouched nature. It was declared a “World Reservation of the Biosphere“ by UNESCO in 1977. With mountain ranges of up to 1,000 metres (3,200 feet), the island offers much to be explored, mountains and valleys, ravines and pastures, beaches and bays.

from USD 420 per person/day incl. full board. Charter flight to and from Santiago de Chile is approximately USD 1,300 return, per person.

2 1/2 hours away from Santiago de Chile by private charter flight with experienced pilots. From the air there is an excellent view of the over 1,000 feet high volcanic step rocks.

The recommended lodge El Pangal offers comfortable accommodation. The rooms are not luxurious, but they are simple and clean. The hosteria is surrounded by gardens and terraces. It has a swimming pool and TV.

The waters surrounding the island are lush with lobster which is featured in the cuisine of the island, along with other fresh seafood.

Activities & daytrips
Trekking: enjoy the flora and fauna. Excursions by foot, on horseback or by bicycle with experienced guides. Diving: training and full equipment services available. Sport fishing: tuna, jurel, dogfish and salmon.

Best time to travel
November to March.

Getting there
Fly commercial aircraft to Santiago, on to the Punta de Isla airport (located on the archipelago) with a two-engine plane, and then by boat or jeep to the hotel.

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