Hog Island

New Brunswick | Canada East/Central

Just one of several coastal islands ranging from 3 acres to 900 acres in size, located just a few minutes off the New Brunswick coast in the beautiful Bay of Fundy. All are easily accessible within 10 minutes or less via at least three nearby public wharfs from which to launch or moar your boat year-round. Some of these islands are within site of inhabited Deer Island and all are only approximately 10 kms from the coastal resort Town of St. Andrews - 'By-the-Sea'.

So close, yet so very private and serene. The ultimate in weekend & vacation getaway locations for anyone fed up with over-priced and over-crowded waterfrontage on the mainland! All have 360 degree exposures for those million dollar Bay of Fundy sunrises & sunsets. Most have sandy beaches & naturally sheltered coves for easy mooring and access. Enjoy the pleasure, privacy, & prestige of owning your own island property right here in New Brunswick & watching the whales!

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