Tikehau Fafarua Lodge

French Polynesia | Pacific Ocean

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Experience a beautiful and authentic motu in Tikehau, French Polynesia

The Fafarua Lodge is engaged in a process of environmental certification from a local reference and an international organization. The motto is: renovate rather than destroy. Therefore, the authentic installations on the motu were renovated with new materials and are now still used. Whenever it was possible, the new materials came from the motu – of course, without impacting the natural balance! On the "motu" rainwater is collected on roofs to assure a comfortable amount of water. In contrast, the natural reserves of groundwater are just rarely used.

Tikehau Fafarua Lodge is a private motu – when you rent it, it is exclusively booked for you. Exclusive occupation of the motu: from approx. EUR 915 (for 2 persons) up to EUR 1,365 (for 8 persons) per night including taxes.

The Fafarua Lodge can be found south east of the Tikehau atoll in French Polynesia. From the 20 kilometers distant village it is 30 minutes to get there, it is accessible only by the lagoon that shows all aspects of the natural life in the Tuamotu. Home to several islands with beautiful white and pink sandy beaches, coconut palms and untouched native vegetation, the "motu" spreads over an area of ​​six hectares. You find the sea on all four sides – a perfect isolation in French Polynesia where you canenjoy unspoilt natural in privacy.

The wooden structured house with sheet-metal roofs is a typical building of the Tuamotu. Simple and colorful – the arrangement of the rooms is quite cozy. Overall, there are three rooms in the house: an upstairs bedroom, equipped with a double bed and two other bedrooms each with a double bed and a single bed. All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets, fans and cupboards and have natural ventilation available. The living room with its big seat can provide six extra sleeping places. Of course, in addition to their own room the guests have unconditional access to the dining area, the fully equipped kitchen, the

“Fare potee“ (outdoor lounge) and a sanitary “fare” (house) with bathroom, toilet and laundry. Other facilities are a study area, a library and a storage space. It is a comfortable family home, very open and friendly, and according to local standards, adapted to  life in the Tuamotu. A solar installation produces electricity and in case of need, there is also a generator that can run on coconut oil.

The food is always fresh and homemade. Not far away from the motu there are some organic farmers who deliver mostly vegetables and honey. A local fisherman makes sure that there is always enough seafood, fish, crustaceans or shellfish at the lodge. The hostess organizes breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the guests’ wishes. The all-inclusive rates include three meals a day, water, coffee, tea and homemade lemonade.

Activities & daytrips
First and foremost, the wonderful private beach is there to be enjoyed.  Here the ideal place to chill out, sunbathe, go swimming or go for a walk. Walks are also possible from motu to motu, inside the motus or even on the reef, where you can discover the wonders of the coral world and the beauty of the ocean. Furthermore, many other different sea sports are available. Guests may rent stand-up paddle boards and kayaks. Also snorkeling in the wonderful lagoon areas is possible. Last but not least fishing is also a possible activity – but it is only allowed on the ocean or on the shoals inside the lagoon. For daytrips boat drivers take you to beautiful places such as the bird island, the ancient village on the long island at the opposite of the atoll (called "secteur"), the motu where the actual village is, the organic farming community on the EDEN motu and many more. You can also visit the channel fish pens, meet the Manta Rays or browse the pink sand beaches.

Best time to travel
The average temperature is 26 °C and its range is not very high. Relating to the temperature, all time of the year is a good time to travel. But from December to March there can be a rain period.  

Getting there
International flight to Tahiti and then domestic flight with AIR TAHITI from Tahiti to Tikehau.




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