Christopher Lake & Russell Lake

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

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PICTURESQUE HOMESITES / Lots with lush woodland

In the heart of the Atlantic Province of Nova Scotia, near the Kejimkujik National Park, lie these exclusive woodland lots. Distinguishing features include its lush woodland and is the perfect location for endless leisure activities. The construction of either a log home or traditional wooden house on this lot is possible, as long as the value of the house (permanent) must be worth at least CAD 50,000. In the long run, the significance and beauty of this parcel of land is thereby guaranteed.

The nearest town, Caledonia, is only 6 km away and can be easily reached on foot – should you wish to pick up a few groceries in the local supermarket. A bank and two small restaurants are also located in the area. Larger purchases can be made in Liverpool (about 30 mins by car), or Bridgewater (about 45 mins) or in the capital city of Halifax (about 2 hours away). Our management office is located in Halifax, where our colleagues (English and German speaking) are available to assist with either developing or managing your land, e.g. with the construction of a home, pathways, drilling a well, establishing a water supply system, etc.

Are you thinking about your children’s future and considering to invest in a property which has substantial appreciation potential? Then a beautiful piece of land in Canada is the perfect solution! We have a tailor-made property package just for you.

Land parcels in Canada are still low-priced – in a country, which according to a variety of studies, offers the best outlook for the future (food products, raw materials, water reserves, healthy environment, political and social stability to name a few). In addition, in the next 20 years, the property market is certain to boom.

Our concept offers parents, grandparents and relatives a comfortable and realistic financing plan. Upon closing and payment of the deposit, right of disposal is granted to the parents and the underage child profits from the financial appreciation of the land parcel. If the child is of legal age (in Canada, the legal age is 19 years), he/she has full right of disposal. Once the financing period is over, your child (of legal age) will profit highly from the increase in value of the property. 

For this child-friendly concept, we have chosen a particularly beautiful piece of land in the heart of Queens County, near the Kejimkujik National Park. All lots have road access and electricity supply.

The monthly rates are determined with a fixed interest rate of 4% p.a., amount of downpayment and duration of payment. The fixed interest rate and no prepayment penalty are contractual. A life insurance can be finalised to secure family-friendly protection of the rate payments.

We invite you to travel to Nova Scotia to inspect your chosen lot for yourself. We are happy to organise the trip for you and offer you accommodation in our Lodge (see map) – just 15 minutes from the Christopher Lake.


We are more than happy to send you further information.

LotsqmType of PropertyWaterfrontage (m)Price CAD
49,354Backland property-15,000
68,610Backland property-15,000

Upon acquiring any of company’s own properties listed within  this brochure, the statutory harmonized sales tax of Canada (HST), the acquisition costs (approx. 1% of the purchase price) and the CAD 900 legal and registration costs  are applicable, providing that the purchaser is a private individual and not a Canadian company.


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