Thousand Island, New York
Besonderheit: Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands kündigt der Name an, doch genau genommen handelt es sich sogar um 1.793 Inseln, die teils auf amerikanischem, teils auf kanadischem Gebiet ein UNESCO-Biosphärenreservat bilden – dort, wo der St. Lawrence Strom aus dem Lake Ontario fließt. Während die größte Insel etwa 124 Quadratkilometer misst, finden auf der kleinsten nur ein Baum und zwei Sträucher Platz. Die gesamte Gegend ist als beliebte Ferienregion dicht besiedelt, sodass keine Langeweile aufkommt – egal wie klein das eigene Eiland ist.

Top 7 Special American Islands

Encompassing everything from Upstate New York sophistication to the soft, sandy beaches of the Sunshine State, our collection of American islands promises the very best of the US. Attractive and accessible, there’s something to suit all tastes within our superior selection of American Beauties. . .

Emerald Island, New York Special:
Owned by a celebrity

The rustic estate made out of grey natural stone appears dignified and Old English. Many chimneys and elaborate wood paneling create a comfortable ambience. A small, tree-lined private dam connects the island to the shore, but apart from that you are ll by yourself on the 8.5 acres. Brooke Shields lived on Emerald Island for some years and enjoyed, while surrounded by high trees, the seclusion in the middle of Chazy Lake, which belongs to the gorgeous Adirondacks Park.

Round Island, Michigan
Special: Lighthouse

Round Island is a charming private island in in Michigan complete with a lighthouse domicile and wonderful mainland property. It is located in the meandering course of St. Mary’s River. The façade is well-maintained traditional and it looks as if the lighthouse is still in service.

Dark Island, St. Lawrence River, New York
Special: Castle

Mystical and romantic rumors have always been surrounding Dark Island and the Singer Castle, which was built after the model of a Scottish mansion. Secret passageways between rooms and floors, a trapdoor, and knight’s armors transport the many tourists to a long forgotten time. If you want to relish this flair a little longer, you can also rent Singer Castle or even marry there and afterwards retire to the castle suite.

Further information on Singer Castle for rent

Melody Key, Florida
Special: Green technology

Forming a cool contrast to the hustle and bustle of Florida, Melody Key Private Island is an unspoiled oasis at the heart of the Keys – a luxurious hideaway with excellent environmental credentials. Powered by the most-advanced green technology available and recently renovated to the highest standard, Melody Key is Florida's ultimate island escape - perfect as a romantic retreat or a unique entertainment destination.

Potato Island, Connecticut
Special: XXS

Potato Island, like its 22 inhabited neighboring islands in the archipelago of Thimble Islands, consists of rose-colored granite, which once made up the cusps of a chain of hills that drifted by before the last ice age. The summerhouse in the typical style of the American East Coast originates from 1912.

Gardiners Island, East Hampton, New York
Special: XXL

Thanks to a grant from the British crown, Lion Gardiner settled on this island in 1639 and founded the first British settlement in what would later become the State of New York. He cultivated fruit, tobacco, and corn, and also raised livestock. Gardiners Island remains in the possession of his descendants to this day.

Thousand Island, New York
Special: Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands is what the name advertises, but 1,793 of them are actually gathered here. They lie partly in Canadian and partly in U.S. territory and constitute, as a whole, a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the area where St. Lawrence River emanates from Lake Ontario. The largest of these islands measures about 48 square miles, the smallest one has just enough space for a tree and two bushes. As a favored holiday region, the whole area is so densely populated that it never gets boring – no matter how small your own island is.




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