Isla de Coco

Panama | Central America

Could it be a real treasure island?

A storybook virgin island: surrounded by tropical waters, fine sandy beach, dense vegetation, rocks, caves, vast views. Legend has it that the substantial Treasure of Lima is buried here. However the previous owners failed to find anything...
The island is located on the Pacific side - Panama is approx. 100 km away - at the west coast of Isla del Rey. The island may be secluded but it can be easily and quickly accessed. It is just 10 minutes by boat to the main island Isla del Rey; here you will find a good tourist infrastructure as well as an airport.

A small hut has recently been constructed, providing shelter from the sunshine and a place to enjoy a barbecue. Perched atop a grassy embankment, the hut offers the perfect vantage point, with views of the whole of the island.

Isla de Coco lacks a river or stream, but boasts an unusual source of water nonetheless, with fresh water pouring out of the island’s stony cliff face throughout the wet-season.




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