Isla San José

Panama | Central America

With an area of 44 km² (approx. 10,873 acres), San José Island feels at times less like a private island, and more like a country in its own right. Indeed, there are 9 countries in the world which are smaller than this Pacific giant. Locating within the famous Pearl Islands, 55 miles of the coast of Panama, San José can be accessed from Panama City in only 20 minutes when flying in with a turbo-prop plane.

Offering a vast array of flora and fauna across its diverse terrain, San José Island is home to all sorts of vegetation, including gallery forests, coconut palms, wild sugar cane and occasional arboreal giants. With such lush landscapes and an abundance of fresh water sources, the wildlife on the island is also something to behold. A recent survey carried out by the University of Panama suggests that the island has a population of 10,000 deer, several thousand wild pigs and even some endemic species. A relatively self-sustainable island, only beef and salad must be imported.

The island is also home to a private island resort – the Hacienda Del Mar. Located upon a majestic point, 75 feet above the ocean; the 14 cabana guest houses offer spectacular views. A restaurant, clubhouse and swimming pool also belong to the project, making the Hacienda a very enticing prospect indeed. With over 57 spectacular beaches and with waters abound with tropical game fish; the resort will attract both guests looking to relax and guests on the lookout for a deep-sea fishing adventure.

The infrastructure is also of a great standard, including a vast network over of 50 miles of roads, a certified airport with a 1500 m landing strip and a sheltered docking area. Three generators serve the island resort, and mobile phone service is strong throughout the island. Water is provided via a purification plant with a capacity of 3000 gallons per hour and, within a separate living quarters, a team of 38 full time staff can be found. The staff is dedicated to island maintenance and the support of business operations at the Hacienda Del Mar.



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