Naranjo Arriba Island

Panama | Central America

The island is approx. 650 m long and 350 m wide and is situated on the Caribbean coast of Panama, approx. 1 km off the Costa Arriba, the "upper coast", half way between Colón and Portobelo. The next pier is at Puerto Pilón, from where it is only approx. 8 km to the island. The island can be reached quickly by helicopter from Colón, near the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal.

Narranjo Arriba is mainly covered with "Santa Maria" trees and palm trees, of the approx. 44.46 acres only around 5 to 7 acres are cultivated and covered with grass. Along the west coast the forest has been thinned out. Following the palm-lined "Camino de Coco", one can hike to the western point of the island. The island is sheltered by a coral reef and several small mangrove islands. At the southern point of the island is a sandbar with a wonderful beach. During some seasons, the sandbar extends almost to the neighbouring island, whereas at other times, it almost disappears.

The highest elevation on the island is approx. 2 to 3 m. This is where the infrastructural facilities have been erected: a cistern and PVC tanks for water supply, a deep well and an electrical pump have been installed. The tower, originally conceived as a water tower, contains a kitchen, a restaurant that seats 25 diners as well as accommodations on the upper floors. Solar panels have been installed on the roof. A building site for approx. 5-6 vacation homes is provided. Water and power supply lines are laid underground. Electricity is produced by generators. All installations adhere to German standards. Adjoining the cultivated area lies an untouched primeval forest.
Two caretakers are currently employed on the island.
Establishing a joint venture is possible.



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