Flak Fort

Denmark | Europe: Atlantic

An incredible island hideaway – just minutes away from Copenhagen

Constructed between in the immediate build-up to the First World War, Flakfortet forms the third and final sea fort built to protect the port of Copenhagen. 

Originally used as a sea fortification, the island has since undergone a series of transformations which have seen it used as an anti-aircraft site, a sailing centre, and - most recently - as a unique events and entertainment destination.  

The island is spread over a generous 30,173 m² surface area, of which approximately 4,000 m² are fully developed and divided into a variety of spaces and functions. As well as a 600 m² accommodation unit for overnight guests, the island also boasts a 1,050 m² restaurant / conference hall with space for 200 guests, a 700 m² teambuilding space and a marina with space for 200 sailboats and yachts.

The facilities have recently undergone a complete renovation, which was carried out with respect to the historical and cultural value of the island. The technical facilities, too, have been updated within roughly the past 10 years, meaning that you won’t have to worry about drinking water, heating, electricity and waste water.  

With its generous marina and close proximity to Copenhagen (just 3 nautical miles / 6 kilometers) access to Flakfortet couldn’t be easier. If desired, there is also potential for further development, with a 1,500 m² piece of land already marked out for a future transformation.  

Please contact a member of the Vladi Private Islands sales team for more information about this unique Danish private island fort.



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