Island of Sirene

Italy | Europe: Mediterranean

Off the market

Small island near Taormina in Sicily, Italy

This is an unprecedented opportunity to own a rare and luxurious private island just off the coast of Taormina on the island of Sicily, Italy. Located at the entrance to the Bay of the Sirens in the heart of the Bay of Mazzaro and just opposite the exclusive Hotel Atlantis Bay is a small and unique island property known as the Island of Sirens. Sicily, Italy, is the largest Mediterranean island.

This small island is just less than one acre in size (3,330 sqm) and has the particular form of an Egg. The Island of Sirens offers a small port on the internal part of the Bay, while the other side of the island faces the open sea and has a cliff overlooking the waves with breathtaking views.

The small island has two farm buildings where you can create a fantastic villa on the roof of the island.




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