Isola Budelli

Italy | Europe: Mediterranean

Enjoy Seychellois sophistication on a magical Mediterranean private island

Crystal clear waters, pink sands, a series of coves and rocks, blue cliffs rising from deep seabeds, intense colours: the Maddalena Islands are a must for discovering the beauties of the Sardinian Sea.

The island of Budelli is famous for its splendid Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach), one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It boasts much foraminifera and other marine micro-organisms, which when ground by the waves and spread over the shore, give the very fine sand a particular pink shade, matching the surrounding granite rocks. The pink beach in Budelli is also shown in "Deserto rosso", a film by Michelangelo Antonioni.

It is a highly protected island with a coastline of nine kilometers, a surface of 1.7 km² (approx. 420 acres) and is populated by wild rabbits, living mostly at the highest point Monte Budello (88 metres).

From here there are splendid open views of the nearby islands of Razzoli and Santa Maria, the Sardinian coast and the island of La Maddalena. Other interesting places on Budelli are the beaches of Cala Piatto, Cala Cisternone, Cala di Trana and Cala del Cavaliere. A low but rich Mediterranean vegetation covers the island. The transparent waters and endless supply of fish and crustaceans hiding in the countless granite ravines make it an excellent destination for underwater photography.

It is possible to rebuild the 3 existing buildings of about 180 sqm, situated on "Spiaggia Rosa", 160 sqm and 60 sqm, respectively. Currently, no permission has been granted to increase living space. As on all private islands, some parts of the coastline are public, but the famous "Spiaggia Rosa" is protected and public use is strictly forbidden.



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