Dun Maraig

Great Britain | Europe: Atlantic

Island for sale off the coast of Scotland’s Isle of Skye

The small tidal island for sale lies in a protected bay just off the coast of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. A rocky structure, covered by grass; attentive owners may even find the remains of a fort if they look closely enough. Once connected to the shore by a causeway, it is still possible to walk across to it at very low tide.

The village of Uig is located close to this island for sale, offering nice walks which take in waterfalls, woodlands and cliff-tops too. The Fairy Glen, on the other hand, is an unusual miniature landscape of grassy, cone-shaped hills and a turret shaped rock called Ewen's castle. Visitors that come to this region near the Isle of Skye will be spoiled by good restaurants, a lively bar, hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation, a campsite, shops, a petrol station, and much more. Furthermore the village is served by an excellent transport network, which comprises of boat trips, a ferry service to the Western Isles and a local and mainland bus service.

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