Out Skerries Estate – Island Group

Great Britain | Europe: Atlantic

- A small archipelago centred around two main islands
- Thriving fishing and crafting community
- Regular ferry crossings from mainland Shetland
- Airstrip and harbour
- Renowned and varied birdlife
- Wonderful opportunities for sea fishing and sailing

Out Skerries forms a remote and beautiful island group with rocky shores and dramatic cliffs. The highest point of the archipelago is on Bruray at 53m above sea level.

Housay and Bruray are the two main inhabited islands and they are linked by a bridge. There is no house on the estate and only two, now derelict, buildings formerly used as a coastguard lookout and signal post. Included in the estate are 15 registered crofts producing a total rent roll of £167.18 per year.

Scottish Water are responsible for providing water to the community. Mains electricity is supplied by under sea cable from Shetland. A small wind turbine provides additional power to the community hall (neither are owned by the estate) but due to the nature of the island further utilisation of renewable power sources such as wave and wind offer considerable potential.

The following are specifically excluded from the sale: The Ferry Terminal and school, reservoir, filtration plant and water tank compound, church, telephone exchange, community hall and 39 dwelling houses and associated buildings.


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