Dämmans Fyr

Sweden | Europe: Atlantic

Unique island getaway with lighthouse for perfect family vacation

This island getaway is something a little less conventional: a tiny, rocky islet with a private lighthouse plopped on top. The Dämman’s Lighthouse is a highly unique property, developed by carefully renovating and modernizing an old open water lighthouse. The lighthouse was operated as a luxury hotel and conference centre until the end of 2012, but could just as easily be transformed into a single family vacation residence. The secluded location offers tranquillity and silence interrupted only by the sound of the waves passing by. To ensure easy access there is also a mainland property included in the sale.

The lighthouse was built in 1873. Back then it was the most expensive lighthouse in all of Sweden, in service until 1968. Since 1995 the island getaway was in the hands of a private investor.

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