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Private Island in the Stockholm Archipelago

Västerö Island is just a few nautical miles north of Möja. The island’s settlement has a southwesterly orientation which makes every sunset an unforgettable experience. Here you can create your dream home in a highly sought-after location in the Stockholm archipelago. The island is divided into 6 properties totaling about 24 hectares (240.000 m²) sold as one unit.

There are 3 buildings and two sheds on the island. The farm house which is the largest structure on Västerö consists of 3 bedrooms, a living room together with a dining area and a kitchen furnished with a wood stove, a refrigerator and a sink. The bathroom consists of a sink and a shower. The entire building is equipped with an electrical heating system and has a total size of 60m².

In addition to the farm house two cottages round up the housing opportunities in Västerö.

The first cottage is located right on the beach. Furnished with a simple kitchen, a wood stove and a bedroom big enough for two beds.

A few steps away lies the second cottage which consists of a storage room and a bedroom with bunk beds and a wood stove.

All buildings have electricity, are well maintained and in good condition. Fresh water is provided by dug and drilled wells.

A water connection is only installed in the farm house.

Due to its very fertile soil and its rich plant life Västerö was used in the past as a grazing ground for cows in the summertime and for the cultivation of Strawberries and other fruits.

Behind the houses is a large meadow suitable for all sorts of sporting activities and midsummer celebrations. Here you find two sheds with ample room for storage.

Västerö offers a unique opportunity to create an exceptional residence with a large private sphere.

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