Schwerinska Villa

Sweden | Europe: Atlantic

This offer is a modern manor dream in a castle setting overlooking the Baltic Bay at the start of the Saint Anna Archipelago. Just a mile to the east is Söderköping, a small picturesque town with medieval origins.

Villa Schwerinska, 237 m² in size, was built in 2010. Nestled among lush greenery, this exclusive architect-designed villa features light green wood panelling and windows and doors in English red, all painted with linseed oil paint. The characteristic manor house roof and its many large windows with wooden bars gives the villa a special character.

The first floor of the villa is inviting for social gatherings and features a large living room as well as a kitchen, a bathroom and a guest toilet. Likewise, quiet moments can be spent in the built-in library. Upstairs offers more privacy with four bedrooms, a shower room and a large living room. The many arched windows on the upper floor provide soothing and atmospheric views of nature. The interior offers everything you would expect, including decorative double doors, generous fireplaces and consistently exclusive material choices. A generous ceiling height on both levels means the villa breathes space and feels larger. The Schwerinska Villa is a low-energy home with low operating costs.

On the large veranda, which measures 240 square meters, there is a greenhouse decorated as a dining room with a beautiful monk stone floor. It is perfectly situated to make the most of the views of the Baltic Bay and the oak landscape.

On a cliff to the southwest is a delightful pavilion in the same colours as the main building. It is also carefully built, with windows that originally adorned older barn buildings.

Both outside and inside, the house has a very thoughtful Carolingian style that reflects the nearby castle landscape of the area. Within a 10-minute walk through the Swedish cultural landscape of pastures and horse paddocks, you will find access to the beach and several boat moorings. For those interested in horses, there is the possibility of a stable.

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