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Paradise in Sweden: Private Island in the Archipelago

Ramsholm private island can be found in Sweden’s picturesque in Sankt Anna Skärsgard region. The island stretches out over an impressive 52,000 square meters and is perfectly positioned within the archipelago. A short boat journey is all that separates the mainland from this private island paradise. Departing from the north of Finnös, you will first wind through the archipelago’s many islands before making your way to the final destination: Ransholm. The approach to the island really shows off its natural highlights: smooth rocks, beautiful bays and an unforgettable view of the whole archipelago. The unspoiled nature is a haven for fish and birdlife, making this island an ideal choice for anglers and ornithologists alike.

Despite being constructed in 1941, the house comes equipped with fully functioning water and electricity connections, and boasts all the modern amenities you need to make this house a home.

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